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Last year they covered Exploiting PS4 Video Apps, and at the 36th annual Chaos Communication Congress (36c3) from December 27th to the 30th 2019 in Leipzig Germany scene developer @Octopus (aka oct0xor on Twitter) will discuss Sony PlayStation 3 and PS4 firmware dumping, reversing and getting code execution on Blu-ray drives for those who love to learn all about their internals and security. :geek: 🥏

This comes following his previous PS4 Registry Editor / Viewer release, and in the Tweets below he states the intention of his research findings is NOT to circumvent copy protection noting that (in this case) fully compromised firmware doesn't lead to fully compromised security.

For those new to the PlayStation 4 scene, ever since the first unplayable PS4 game dump backups surfaced by ripping with PC optical drives hackers started examining the PS4 Blu-ray drive discovering everything from BDLive Bugs to Dumping PS4 Disc Games. 💽 📀 💿

The PS4 scene eventually evolved to Loading PS4 Payloads via Blu-ray (Server-less Option) BD-J, PS4 Optical Drive to USB Game File Dumping, Blu-Play PS4 Homebrew Games and most recently some interesting PS4 NoBD Firmware Update Solutions.

Below are several of the related Tweets for those following:

Sony PS4 PS3 Blu-ray Disc Drive Internals & Security by Oct0xor at 36c3.jpg



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Really wish we could see some new stuff in the scene, something like Movian - would finally give me a reason to get rid of my PS3. Heh, a kexploit for higher FW wouldn't be bad either. ;) Guess we all wait for EOL
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Yes, movian was really great on PS3, I mean the integrated video app just sucks on PS4... :poop: also a 5.55 (or higher) kexploit to actually use it would be nice, maybe Santa Claus will bring us something nice on Christmas to play with our dusty PS4 waiting on the shelf :p


It would be good to have a workaround for swapped Blu Ray drives in PS4s that didn't have the sister board changed so you can't load discs
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