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Today Bandai Namco announced that Soul Calibur VI is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018 with both a Soul Calibur VI The Game Awards PS4 trailer and an official Soul Calibur VI PS4 announcement video below! :giggle:

Here's what else we know thus far on the upcoming PlayStation 4 title from Bandai Namco Entertainment America's Dalton Link, to quote:

Welcome back to The Stage of History! We’re extremely excited to announce that Soul Calibur VI arrives on PlayStation 4 in 2018 and marks the triumphant return of the premier 3D weapons-based fighting game series.

The epic battle rages on as the greatest warriors continue their search for the legendary Soul Swords. Set in the 16th Century, the latest chapter will revisit events from the original Soul Calibur to uncover hidden secrets. Each player will soon come to realize that, “History hides away more than one truth...”

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Soul Calibur VI will feature jaw-dropping graphics and visual effects. Classic characters like Mitsurugi and Sophitia are rendered at a level never before seen in the series. The highly detailed weapon effects and stages makes each 1 vs 1 battle feel dynamic and immersive.

SOULCALIBUR VI The Game Awards PS4 Trailer
The fast and kinetic gameplay of Soul Calibur returns alongside new strategic battle mechanics like, Reversal Edge. This technique gives the player an opportunity to read an opponents’ attack and land a powerful counter. Fans of the series will also enjoy the return of fluid 8-Way Run movement and the unforgettable Ring Outs.

Players can expect a diverse roster of warriors including fan-favorites and some fierce newcomers. Each character will have their own signature weapon, fighting style, and identity. Stay tuned as we’ll have more updates on characters soon!

SOULCALIBUR VI PS4 Announcement Trailer
Cheers to @Fimo for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :beer:
Soul Calibur VI PS4 Announcement Video & The Game Awards Trailer!.jpg



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I played it once a long time ago. I dont remember which one.. A first release game and I dont like it. I do not understand why people loved it. I think Street Fighter V is better than this game since I played first Street Fighter II for the SNES a long time ago. :)


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Forget about Soul Calibur IV & V, have you forget the time of the PSX ? Everybody was playing on Soul Edge / Calibur, not on Tekken nor SF.

I know also that most players on PSXHAX are no more playing new games because they dont want to update their FW, but have you tried Tekken 7 ? Namco introduced a new level in Fighting Games: gameplay/combos based on 60FPS, balanced characters, great online.

What's sad with Tekken 7 is that the game has been released 2th june 2017 and FW 4.05 in november 2016. So people who would like to play T7 will have to update to a FW > 4.05 ... not a good idea !



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I really hope they bring back the campaign mode from Soul Calibur 1 and 2 or better yet the strategy mode from SC3.

I generally get bored of fighting games pretty quickly, but when you add a story and RPG elements around the fighting, you get something much more than a repetitive series of battles.