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Amidst a Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux rumored to be in development by devofspine (YouTube Channel) come conflicting reports from both Reddit users labeling it as an old April Fool's joke and fake to established PS4 scene developers who state the SpineDemo is indeed legitimate containing PS4 symbols and function names (resolver). :unsure:

Previously we've seen an Orbital PS4 Emulator in development, but according to @zecoxao (notzecoxao via Twitter) on this latest PlayStation 4 emulator to quote: "Megaman Legends runs at steady 60 fps in my ryzen 5 1050 ti (although no audio)" followed by confirming "We are doomed also works."

Download: SpineDemo / GIT

While PlayStation 4 scene developers continue to debate and determine the authenticity of this rumor, those interested can check out the demonstration video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

spine - PS4 emulator for Linux
Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux Rumored, Demo Video by DevOfSpine.jpg



It's a HLE PS4 emulator similar to Wine for Linux (High Level Emulation, it translate PS4 API calls to Linux equivalent, a different approach than Orbital), most recent release can run PS4 Megaman Legacy and We Are Doomed, not only there's a video but the emulator itself can be downloaded in the GitHub page if someone want to test it.

The developer wanted to push out an early build/demo to be on record as the first PC emulator able to run PS4 commercial titles.

From what I can tell it's legit, I've tried We Are Doomed (I copied the files straight from my PS4 to my PC) and if you don't consider some render glitches, it works surprisingly well.


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i think i buy ps4 to play modern games, retro game like that can be played through android device

and i think by making this emulator for ps4 is a another step stone to create better emulator for ps4 console like psp, ps vita, nds, 3ds since ps4 hardware is muchh more capable emulating those device rather than emulating like 386 dx retro pc i think it would be waste if final emulation ps4 project is only aiming for 80's 90's retro hardware
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