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Lately PlayStation developer @SilicaAndPina is on a role with the recent GameMakerPS4.pkg, GayMaker: Studio and AnUntitledStory PS4 packages while today's homebrew release via Twitter consists of a Street Racing PKG GM8 game sample followed by a CreeperDiver PKG, a Spelunky Classic HD PKG port by tijesef, a Deltarune (Undertale 2) PKG by idumpvitastuff, a Chip and Dale: Remastered PKG port by tijesef and a Quickz Game PKG by @Quickz (Twitter). :cool:

Download: Street Racing.pkg (17.6 MB) / Street Racing.gmz (10.9 MB) / creeperdiver-ps4.pkg (18.2 MB) / SP0000-SPLK00001_00-SPELUNKYCLASSIC0.PKG (83.8 MB) / Deltarune.pkg (90.1 MB) / BitBucket / CD0000-CDRR00001_00-CHIPANDDALEPS400.PKG (95.8 MB) / IV0000-QUIG00001_00-QUICKZGAME000001.PKG (17.69 MB) / IV0000-BBAR00505_00-PS4REDBREWPSNIO0.PKG (18.4 MB - B&nder Bar PKG) / IV0000-BBAR00565_00-PS4REDBREWPSNIO0.PKG (30.9 MB - B&nder Bar PKG (Final Version)) / Bender Bar 2.0 (BBSV00505).vpk (22.58 MB) via Redj86866761

To quote from idumpvitastuff on Reddit: PS4 Port of GM8's "Street Racing" Example Game

I ported the Street Racing.gmk example game (the best game XD) that was included in GM6-GMHTML5 to the ps4 using GayMaker: Studio. Have fun ^-^

:arrow: And from idumpvitastuff on the CreeperDiver release:

CreeperDiver is a game i made about 1yr ago in GameMaker 8.1, and i just remembered it existed so i tried porting it to ps4 via GayMaker:Studio lol (wew finally a game i made on the PS4 XD)

Click on buttons using the touchpad on the DS4, (i was too lazy to change them to not use mouse)

:arrow: And from tijesef on the Spelunky Classic HD port to PS4 PKG release:

You may know that Spelunky already exists on PS4/PSVita. But this is a remake. What if you want to try the old good original? Now you can. Original port to GameMaker: Studio by yancharkin.

Controls should be the same as PSN Spelunky are, maybe with slight differences.

:arrow: idumpvitastuff also made available a Deltarune (Undertale 2) PKG stating the following, to quote:

Hello~ thanks to some stuff by dots_tb its now possible to use GMS2 on ps4, which means.. we can also run Deltarune (undertale 2) !

The controls are a bit weird (R1 = confirm) - i cant change them i have no src code. but it does work nonetheless!

Deltarune maybe working on PS4
Deltarune TEST PS4 5.05
:arrow: Also from tijesef on the Chip and Dale: Remastered port to PS4 PKG release:

This game was made by RR16 studio. You can download it here ( - 94.77 MB - gmk file, you need GM8 or higher to play it). And also my PSVita port here.

You can also press O in main menu to switch between ORIGINAL and REMIX audio. (or disable audio entirely)

Thanks to Denis (for testing), YellowAfterlife (helped with audio), and Aurora (The_Zett).

  • Stick or D-Pad: Move.
  • X: Pick or throw box.
  • O: Jump.
PS: Hi to PlayStation Hack on :D

Quickz Game - PS4 Hombrew via GregoryRasputin

B&nder Bar PS4 PKG from Red-J (Twitter) to quote, roughly translated: Our friend and developer Red-j offers us to discover his first title established with gamemaker.

The game is called B & nder bar, the soundtrack is highway to hell, and the objective of this game is to accumulate points by harvesting falling beers, and avoiding soft drinks (ice tea, orangina, which make you lose points and life).

The theme of this fun game is a bar that Red-J sometimes plays in these long winter evenings.

Red-j would like to thank SilicaAndPina for the port of Gamemaker on PS4 and he adds that the images are taken from the Beta version.

B&nder Bar - PS4 Homebrew via GregoryRasputin
Some other PlayStation 4 scene Tweets making rounds today on Twitter:

To quote from, roughly translated: PSXITArch Linux v2: a distro for PS4

PSXITArch Linux v2 for PS4.png More than 8 months have passed since the launch of Psxitarch Linux, in the meantime many steps forward have been made and it seems that time is finally ripe for the release of a new version.

But first.. we would like to thank Marcan with all my heart for bringing linux on PS4 and 2 guys with whom we "worked", collaborated and shared our passion for linux, much of what you will find in psxitarch is also the result of their work. Who I am?

Eeply: just to mention a few things in his curriculum: D, it is thanks to him if today we have the audio working through hdmi, support for ps4 slim, ps4 pro (including hardware acceleration), a better performing GPU thanks to activation of all CUs and the Clock setting.

Masterzorag: "The Master Of Linux :D", when we had some doubts it was enough to ask him, the first to understand how to make those damned drivers amdgpu .. XD For those who are interested also keeps on his repo the drivers to get the acceleration 3D hardware on Fedora.

Without them all this would not have been possible .. Bring some love to these guys!

Let's move on to the distro..

  • Psxitarch now uses the new and better performing Amdgpu open-source drivers for 2D / 3D hardware acceleration, which also makes it possible to use Vulkan (RADV) drivers
  • Kernel 4.14.93.
  • New linux loader that dumps the eap key, the edid, activates all CUs and adjusts the GPU clock.
  • Audio working via HDMI.
  • A fix for WIFI / BT has been added, despite this, the wifi and / or bluetooth on some PS4 may still not work or give problems.
  • Added an option in the System menu that allows you to mount and access to read and write to the internal HD of the PS4. (For the time being it only works on the PS4 FAT CUH-10xxx and CUH-11xxx).
  • Added a repository for pacman that will be updated regularly with new versions of the graphics drivers and more ..
  • After installing a new program it should no longer be necessary to manually refresh the menu.
  • Removed the login screen, the login will be done automatically.
  • Psxitarch now caches only the pkg currently installed in the distro.
  • Added Dolphin-emu.
  • Added Lutris
  • Added Mvp.
  • Added Acestream and a simple guide where you can enter the address of the stream you want to view
  • Added Gparted
  • Replaced the Wicd network manager with Network Manager
  • Replaced the ePSXe emulator with PCSXR
  • Replaced Midori with Firefox
  • Replaced Xnoise with VLC
  • It is possible through an option to change the keyboard layout between IT, US, ES, DE, FR
  • Other..

The installation is identical to the previous version, DO NOT use other bzimage, initramfs or linux loader! Take only those linked on this page!

:alert: ATTENTION: the device you will use for the installation will be completely formatted, all the data will be deleted!

:alert: IMPORTANT: for the moment the payload of the linux loader provided here is valid only for those on the 5.05 fw. Weather permitting we will add those for the other fw.

  • A USB device of at least 12GB (better if 3.0 and better still if ssd)
  • Keyboard.
  • Mouse (if you do not have a mouse you can connect the dualshock 4 and use the touchpad as a mouse but it is not the best comfort).
  • A usb hub.
  • initramfs.cpio.gz: initramfs.cpio.gz md5: 7c38ca9c4eaff335ef52cef398ab1278
  • bzImage md5: bzImage md5: 20fe8941f2238b35822ea61939f2393d
  • psxitarch.tar.xz: psxitarch.tar.xz md5: 8058d928b9a3f9532d55535e166789f7
  1. Format the usb device in FAT32 (NOT EXFAT!), If the installer does not recognize the usb device use this program to format it: guiformat.exe
  2. Copy the bzImage, intramfs.cpio.gz and psxitarch.tar.xz files to the root of your usb device.
  3. Connect the usb device to the ps4.
  4. Connect mouse and keyboard
  5. Open the web browser and visit this page to start the payload linux loader (the page can be stored in the cache if you want), for those who want to use the bin can take it from here: linux-loader.bin md5: d5e698431b577bb83638a06cdc0eaf33
  6. After a few seconds the ps4 should reboot, wait until the word rescueshell appears
  7. Write exec to start the installation of psxitarch linux
  8. Wait, you should see a long list of files that are copied to 'usb, at the end (after about 25/30 minutes) the distro should start automatically. If it does not start, type exec
  9. Enjoy.
The distro does not require you to enter your username and password but you will need them in case you would like to get root permissions:
username: psxita
password: changeit

The default payload that you find at sets the Vram to 2GB, if you want to set it to 3GB use this payload to start linux: if you want to set it to 1GB:

You can use the payload you prefer at any time but during the installation of psxitarch you NEVER use the vram3 payload.

NOTE: RAM and VRAM are a single block, so more vrams assigned and less RAM. Do your accounts.

  • The distro should be compatible with all models of ps4 but some monitors and TV with strange resolutions could give problems and do not display anything on the screen, if you have the chance try another tv.
  • The graphics acceleration on ps4 pro is not yet fully exploited.
  • The internal hd is now only detected on the CUH-10xxx and CUH-11xxx models.
  • Vulkan RADV drivers are not yet stable (which will certainly improve with time) in some emulators / games could give problems or have worse performances of the opengl, while in other better ones (see dolphin-emu).
  • The wifi and bluetooth could in some cases crash (disappear), in case you restart the PS4, if it still does not work disable the network and run linux using the cache. NOTE: although the fix on some versions of ps4 the wifi and / or the BT may not work, unfortunately we have not yet found a solution valid for all consoles.
  • In rare cases, the USB devices (mouse, keyboard, ..) may not be detected, in case you restart the console
  • It may happen that after installation some items in the menu are missing, to correct the problem go to "Jwm Config" and select "Refresh Menu".

We want to thank the people who have and continue to contribute to the development of Linux on PS4 (hoping not to forget anyone) Valentinbreiz , shuffle2 , flatz , CelesteBlue , Vultra

The testers, who have endured for all these days, thanks for the patience guys ;)
Shim , antonwantstosleep , glitch, Astromatik, Anekcahap

And all the guys on the discord channel Official PlayStation 4 Scene

PSXITArch Linux v2 on PS4 PRO 5.05 Running Counter-Strike GO
Pair your DualShock 4 wirelessly via Bluetooth on PSXITArch Linux v2 PS4 PRO 5.05
Cemu 1.15.0e on PS4 PRO 5.05 is real PSXITArch V2
Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PS4 PRO 5.05 PSXITArch Linux v2
Mario Kart 8 on PS4 PRO 5.05 PSXITArch Linux v2
Ni no Kuni 1 on PS4 PRO 5.05 Psxitarch Linux v2
PS Vita vitaSnake on PS4 Linux via Grzybojad
Folklore on PS4 PRO 5.05 Psxitarch Linux v2 OpenGL
Install distro Linux v2 in PlayStation 4 PSXITARCH
Mupen64plus (N64) on PS4 PRO 5.05 Psxitarch Linux v2
Install Linux v2 RetroArch Dolphin PS4 Tutorial
Turning Your PS4 into a Gaming PC (5.05 Jailbreak)
Download: initramfs.cpio.gz (3.9 MB)

:arrow: PS4 5.05 Display fix by ps4gentoo payload for fixing the display (black screen with signal on display).

Download: linuxloader5.05-displaypatch.bin / linuxloader5.05-displaypatch.bin (Mirror - 9.47 MB) / GIT

To quote from the PS4 5.05 Display fix

Little fix for guys with Black Screen and Signal on Display, maybe a fix for you? for me its working fine for running Linux on 1080P PC-Monitor.

with original files from psxita v2 i have only black screen on my PC-Monitor but with this little fix now its working .. for my Sony 4K TV i dont need the fix. linux is running fine on Sony 4k Screen with PSXita original files. mhmhm....


Sent the linuxloader5.05-displaypatch.bin with a Payload Sender look here for sending payloads more than 3mb Filesize

//i added this on the initramfs ##

echo off > /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/status && sleep 8s
echo on > /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/status
Thanks to all Devs

PS4 PSXITA Installing Additional Emulators & Apps
Download: Popcorn Time for PS4 PSXita Arch Linux.rar (53.3 MB)
Download: PS4 PSXIta Arch Linux Theme.rar (12.2 MB)
Street Racing PKG GM8 Street Racing Game PS4 Port by SilicaDevs.jpg



I have a question, if I apply this payload, would all my console games be deleted? or is only the unit where linux is loaded?

Thanks for answering, from Mexico, greetings!


  • Linux-loader.bin: d5e698431b577bb83638a06cdc0eaf33
  • guiformat.exe
  • initramfs.cpio.gz: 7c38ca9c4eaff335ef52cef398ab1278
  • bzImage: 20fe8941f2238b35822ea61939f2393d
  • psxitaarch.tar.xz: 8058d928b9a3f9532d55535e166789f7
please repost these 5 filez in one mega file (specially the ones)
K thkx bye
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