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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... proceeding his Streets Of Rage PS4 Homebrew Mod v0.9 PKG, today PlayStation 4 developer @Markus95 is back with the Streets Of Rage Final Version of his PS4 homebrew mod PKG as promised via Twitter! :santa:

Download: Streets_Of_Rage_MOD.pkg (172.19 MB)

Here's what is new from his blog post at, to quote roughly translated: PS4 Final version of Streets Of Rage MOD

After a first beta version, here is as promised the final version of my MOD Streets Of Rage for PS4.

This Homebrew works on all PS4 jailbroken consoles (4.05, 4.55, 4.74 and 5.05) thanks to the emulation PS2 and OpenBOR, it turns to 100% and now contains all the Modes of difficulties, EASY, NORMAL and HARD, as well as 3 purposes different depending on the difficulty chosen.

The sound bugs have been fixed, new effects (rain, movement decorations, etc ...) have been added, to take advantage of this MOD you just need to install it by Debug Setting like any PKG.

For information, if you encounter a backup bug when launching the MOD, you will just close the application with the PS button on your controller and then restart the MOD...

  • Add NORMAL mode, HARD
  • Sound and visual bug fixes
  • Addition of visual effects (rain, movement of internships, etc ...)
  • Addition of destructible items
  • Changes in cutscenes to make them functional on PS4
Streets of Rage PS4
Streets Of Rage Final Version PlayStation 4 Mod PKG by Markus95.jpg


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