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Following the previous updates, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer markus95 has released the final version of his Streets of Rage Paintown mod for PS3 this weekend followed by a Dragon Ball Paintown v0.1 BASE PKG file.

Download: SoR_Paintown.rar (337.27 MB) / Dragon_Ball_Paintown_v0.1_BASE.pkg (481.82 MB) / Dragon_Ball_Paintown_Fix3.55.pkg (6.98 MB)

To quote, roughly translated: After several months of work, here is the final version of my Mod for Paintown: Streets Of Rage Paintown.

This latest update includes many changes, improvements, and other additions seen in the changelog.

This homebrew only works on CFW 4.xx, ODE versions are awaiting testers.

It is in the form of PKG to install as usual with the install package to your CFW.

English patch is also available in the archive if necessary (it is still in testing phase, it may be that there are translation errors ...)


  • Added 1 secret perso
  • Fixed various bugs (textures, perso, levels, etc ...)
  • Enhancements and adding in various internships
  • Added 3 new courses
  • Added 3 new enemy, Boss
  • Added cutscenes and "cinematic"
  • Added destructible items
  • Adding a level of violence (0 by default)
  • Added the item Life (life)
  • Added 3 different endings, one with difficulty
  • Added 3 difficulty levels
  • Update of PIC1.PNG
  • Added SND0.AT3
  • Update PARAM.HIP
  • Removing the Streets Of Rage Mod 4
Status of characters:
  • Axel 100%
  • Blaze 100%
  • Adam 100%
  • Skate 100%
  • Max 100%
  • DrZan 100%
  • Character secret 100%
  • Unzip the file SoR_Paintown.rar
  • Install Streets_of_Rage_Paintown_v1.00.pkg by the install package
  • Install Patch_English_SOR.pkg (if necessary)
I want to thank the whole team Paintown (Jon, Lunuxx, Schristopher, Juviwork) and the PS3 testers (Maxim59 Red-j, Cool72, STLcardSW), but also, Martinos-00 of the TTGTradTeam without which the English patch will never be born.

:arrow: Dragon Ball Paintown v0.1 BASE PKG by markus95, to quote roughly translated:

It is time to release a first beta / playable demo of the new Mod Paintown: Dragon Ball Paintown.

This version 0.1 is a beta / demo, it only works on CFW 4.XX, ODE versions were compiled but some testers s' is manifested m for help in my tests, I therefore would publish no ODE release.

You can choose from 4 playable characters 6 (for now) not finalized and at least one course per perso, Vegeta is one who has the most.

Each character has its unique history, its main enemy and cutscenes.

It is a question of a beta / demo quite short, it is therefore possible that you encounter bugs or crashes, loads between each course can be long (5 to 20 seconds), due to loading cutscènes.Je priority in work on improving load time since the last beta (not public) I have won twenty second.

Also for those who will be interested in this mod, you will necessarily this first release called "BASE" to install the following update, the "videos" asking much room I could not publish a complete version of one shot every update.

For more information and follow the progress of this mod go here, I regularly update this topic with new.

Streets Of Rage Paintown.png

Dragon Ball Paintown v0.1 BASE.png



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there is a booking Steet of rage game for the ps3 ? wtf i doesnt know :) loved this game on my mega drive back in the days ^^ whoooooohaaaa i am out...
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