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In PS5 News today @modznhack shared a demonstration video on Twitter of a Super Mario Bros in HTML5 online game (thanks NazkyYT for the link) being played on a PlayStation 5 console through the hidden PS5 Web Browser with more games available via,, and among others. :geek:

This comes following the PS5 WebKit / JavaScriptCore OSS (Open Source Software) release, and as previously reported many Web-based HTML / Javascript games and emulators like WebMSX Running Metal Gear (MSX) will run via PS5 Browser... but unless the controls are designed to work with just a keyboard actually playing them can raise issues.

At least those who already joined the PS5Scene can enjoy this until further research is done on the SMAP Bypass FreeBSD 12 Vulnerability That May Affect PS5, Potential AMD Secure Processor Glitch for PS5 Fuses, PS5 WebKit Vulnerability and the resulting PS5 v4.03 WebKit Exploit that still requires a kernel exploit (KEX) for a full PS5 Jailbreak (Status Page).

:alert: While Sony's latest PS5 Firmware Update isn't required to play these, it's currently not advisable to update your PlayStation 5 console if you wish to use game backups and homebrew apps whenever a full PS5 jailbreak exploit arrives. :alert:

Cheers to @modznhack on Twitter for sharing the demo video and screenshot! šŸ»
Super Mario Bros in HTML5 via PS5 Web Browser Demo Video.jpg


Not open for further replies.

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