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Following the latest HENkaku, TaiHEN and Adrenaline 6.61 PlayStation Vita developer luck made available Switchkaku VPK version 1.01 which allows users to switch between HENkaku and TaiHEN without hassles or an Internet connection. ;)

Download: (3.45 MB) / (Mirrors)

Here's all the details on the Switchkaku v1.01 VPK update, to quote: Switchkaku [VPK] [1.01]

Hi, So, what s this? This is an extended version of the Offline Installer by xyz (Big thanks)

  • Install TaiHen Offline (latest)
  • Install Henkaku Offline (latest)
  • Switch between henkaku and taihen without any hassle or internet connection
  • Uninstall everything
How does it work?
  • Install the app (UNSAFE MODE REQUIRED)
  • Open the app and press Circle to uninstall (if installed)
  • Press Triangle to install switchkaku and TaiHen (default) (Internet connection required)
  • You can now switch between henkaku and taihen and NO internet connection is required
  • Enjoy!
How to switch?
  • Open the app
  • Press Cross to switch to TaiHen or press Square to switch to Henkaku
  • Press R to reboot (if you want to run the new exploit)
  • Open the Email app and you should see an email from TaiHen (if TaiHen is set) or Henkaku (if Henkaku is set)
  • Open the mail
  • Enjoy!
How to update the exploit?
  • Open the app
  • Press Circle to uninstall
  • Press Tringle to install
As some of you already know, i m not so good with icons, but i think this is my best one :)

As always, vpk and src are attached. I would like to know how to increase the font size :confused:

Ps: My code is quite messy, I'm still learning...
Switchkaku v1.01 VPK by Luck - PS Vita HENkaku  TaiHEN Switching.jpg


Not open for further replies.