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Proceeding his previous update, today homebrew developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) released as Markus00095 on X a PS4 / PS5 demo PKG dubbed The Floors for those in the PS4Scene with a PS4 Jailbroken 9.00 / PS4 Jailbroken 11.00 console or in the PS5Scene with an Exploited PS5 console using 4.03 PS5 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, 4.50 PS5 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, 4.51 PS5 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler or other payloads via the PS5 Kstuff Porting Tool. 🎮

Download: The Floors - Demo PS4_PS5.pkg (33.38 MB) / Markus00095's PayPal Page <3

Here's further details from his release post on, roughly translated: [PS4/PS5] Demo of a New Homebrew: The Floors

Some time ago, I published a homebrew Beginning of the End, an amateur game mixing The Last of Us and Resurgent, unfortunately having had a PC problem, I lost all the source code, hence the abandonment of this project...

So I'm back today with a new project: The Floors. A little 2d survival horror, developed under Gamemaker 1.4 for PS4 and PS5. Development is underway and progressing slowly but surely.

I'm taking advantage of this news to share with you a little demo, quite short but allowing you to discover the concept of my new homebrew by reading the intro of the latter.

I will give more information on the game, as well as its concept in a future release, the only thing I can say for now, the goal is to offer a short game (2 to 3 hours) but with replay-ability (several branches, several scenarios and several endings depending on your in-game choices).

Keep in mind that this demo may contain bugs which will be (some of which are already) fixed in the next public version, it works on all PS4/PS5 Jailbreak.

It includes 2 languages, French and English, the latter having been translated from French to English with Chat GPT.

A Switch version is also in progress and will contain the same options and operation as this PS4/PS5 version...

To support me in my work, a small donation doesn't hurt ^^: Markus00095's PayPal <3
The Floors PS4 PS5 Homebrew Demo PKG Released by Markus95.png


I'm eagerly awaiting more updates on The Floors. Best of luck with the development, and I can't wait to see how this project evolves. Keep up the fantastic work!