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We've seen official PS5 PKGs, raw PS5 Game RiPs, some more PS5 Game Images and today PlayStation 5 Scene release group BigBlueBox made available the first PS5 Game Dumps for those who enjoy archiving, collecting and examining them! 🥳

The first PlayStation 5 titles to surface are Marvels.SpiderMan.Miles.Morales.PS5-BigBlueBox (50973 MB - 49.78 GB) and Planet.Coaster.Console.Edition.PS5-BigBlueBox (12086 MB - 11.80 GB), however, until a PS5 Jailbreak becomes available they aren't playable on retail consoles... although it will be interesting to see if those with a PS5 DevKit / TestKit can get one running as was done in the early PS4 scene (reminisce HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). :sneaky:

To recap briefly, the PlayStation 4 Scene started out with raw PS4 Game Backups, the first PS4 scene release was DriveClub Alpha PS4, next came the first decrypted audio packet followed by the world's first fully decrypted PS4 Game proceeded by many more PS4 Decrypted Game Dumps with a recent advancement being the Mandatory Online & Title Update Requirement Removal... Godfall, anyone? 😇


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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - PS5 Family Behind the Scenes
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Accolades PS5 Trailer
The PS5 Scene Gets First PlayStation 5 Game Dumps by BigBlueBox!.jpg


Cheers for sharing the news @subcon959, I moved it to the main page now also! 🍻

If anyone runs across more PS5 game scene releases let us know in the comments, but only include the release name no warez links thanks.
@blimblim04 I am no very sure as it is already installed on the HD. I had already read than they are a way of dump the ps5 BR disks on pc, but it is supposed they have found a way to decrypt them, and probably it was using a ps5 with an exploit. I am sure soon they will be more dumps
idea :geek: is it possible to install these pkg by PS4 JB on external HDD and connect the HDD afterwards on a PS5 to see if it runs !?
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