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Next week is Christmas and the PS4Scene continues receiving early gifts from developers... today's being a 7.02 port of the ToDEX.bin payload via @zecoxao on Twitter for those making use of the 7.02 PS4 WebKit / Kernel Exploit with PS4HEN 7.00-7.02. 🎄 :ninja: 🎁 :santa:

Download: todex.bin (7.40 KB) / todex.bin (Mirror) / GIT / todex.bin (For 7.55) (2.31 KB) / ps4-flag_enabler.bin (0.01 MB) / ToDEX ported to 900 by (5.05 KB - includes todex-enable.bin and todex-disable.bin) ported to 9.00 by karo_sharifi

For those unfamiliar with ToDex.bin or 7.02 PS4 Payloads that can be launched using PS4 7.02 Punch Payload Injector by SonysNightmare, similar to the previous versions it unlocks some PS4 Debug / TestKit Features on Retail Jailbroken consoles including the ability to play Fake PKG (FPKG) Games with Debug Trophies installed by temporarily converting (via memory spoof) the Target ID to 0x82 (DEX). 🏆

Another Festivus miracle thanks to @cedsaill4 on Twitter for the heads-up and the image below! :beer:

ToDEX.bin PS4 7.02 Payload Unlocks Some PS4 Debug  TestKit Features.jpg



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i just hope this new jailbreak become stable as fw 5.05
Thank you sir ZecoXao, thank you Al-Azif, Thank you team mira you guys rocks !!!
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