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Those seeking to get more exercise in 2020 have to look no further than Electrical Engineer Allen Pan's YouTube Channel (Patreon Page) as he recently created a low budget walking simulator VR rig turning a treadmill into a PS4 controller to play Death Stranding! 🏃‍♂️💨 🎮

Check out the awesome video below, and to quote from on the feat:

"While he still has to use the right stick on the controller to turn the camera, the left stick was removed and wired into the treadmill to control walking and running. That’s the short version, but the video goes into the engineering aspect of it from hooking up relays to connecting the controller.

Once he was finished, he played Death Stranding using his new controller, and considering all of the walking you do in the game, he got a great workout. Pan even enlisted his friends to give his invention a try and they were all sweating within a minute."

Turning a Treadmill Into a PS4 Controller So I Exercise
Treadmill Becomes PS4 Controller to Play Death Stranding by Allen Pan.jpg


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