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Here is a Tutorial on How to Get Your Game PKG File Off PS4 from @MODZ4FUN420, to quote: Today i was curious to see if i could download my games in pkg file form on my computer from my PS4!!! Well i succeeded!!

I am gonna go through step by step how to do so. The reason for this release is wouldn't it be nice to figure out how similar PS3 and PS4 game are and if we can figure out a way to downgrade are PS4 games to play on PS3 or upgrade are PS3 games to play on are PS4? Also wouldn't it be nice if we can upload these games and download them and they be playable on a disk on any OFW not only PS3 CFW?

So the goal of this Tutorial is:

1. to challenge developers to make a new PKG viewer that can open a ps4 pkg file!
2. to challenge us all to work together to see if we can make ps4 backward compatible.
3. be able to make are psn games for ps4 playable on disc form on any console
4. to see what we can do with this most of all.

Tool you need and how to set up your ps4 to connect to it:

{Getting the tool and setting it up} You will need PS3.ProxyServer.GUI by CF3B5

Once you have downloaded and installed CF3B5's proxy server you need to find where the install location of this tool which in windows 7 you will find it in Programs Files (x86)

Once you have the tool opened you will see 3 Tabs on the top. 1: Proxy Setting 2: Logs (Which is very important to this tutorial) 3: Replace Files (which i wont mess with)

Alright, now go to tab 1 Proxy settings. To set this up don't freak out and think it wont work bc there is no PS4 button on it. You actually want to check box the PS3 button even though it's gonna be connected to your PS4. You also need the IP address off your computer to do this.

So real quick go to your start button and type cmd in search. A black box that you can type in will appear. You will want to type in it ipconfig.

A bunch of crap will pop up if you did it correctly. You want to look for aIPv4 Address to get your Ip that you will be using in the proxy server to connect to ps4. If you did it right the ip should look like

Okay, now take the IP you just got off your cmd and put it on the first tab. And for port it should be 8080.

STEP 2: {Connecting proxy server to PS4} It's time to set up the PS4.
  • Go to settings on your PS4.
  • Once in settings go to Network.
  • In network, go to set up internet connection.
  • Now hit use wi-fi.
  • Then hit custom.
  • Once in which Wi-Fi network do you want to use connect to your wi-fi
  • IP Address Settings should be left on Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name should be left on "DO Not Specify"
  • DNS Settings should be left on Automatic
  • MTU Settings should be left on Automatic
  • Proxy Server hit use
  • In Proxy Server under Address put the IP that you got off cmd and make sure you have 8080 under port number.
  • Hit next.
  • Before you test connection, you wanna hit start on the first tab on PS3.ProxyServer.GUI
  • Once you hit start you now can test connection and should now be proxy connected to your computer.
  • Okay first off you need to have a ps4 game downloadable to your ps4. So at this time let's say you have Call Of Duty Ghost downloaded on your PS4. Well delete it off your ps4 right now.
  • Okay next step so you can start looking for the pkg file to download on your computer. Go to Logs on PS3.ProxyServer.GUI
  • Now on your PS4 find Call of Duty Ghost in PlayStation store.
  • Now hit download and don't go off the page you just hit download on. So you should still be in PlayStation store where you hit the download.
  • At the same time you hit download you need to be watching your Logs on PS3.ProxyServer.GUI
As soon as you hit download you will see like 3 or so links pop up in your logs. They will be about 2 or so lines long each and end will end with .pkg? Try to copy of click on each. Once they are clicked on they will automatically download in your downloads from your default browser.

There you go the first way to get PKG files off PS4. I have tried testing it by opening up the pkg files in PKG viewer 1.3 and so far no luck. I will be doing many more test's to see what else i can learn from doing this method.

So if any one else tries this method that i found and finds a way to open the pkg file or learns any thing else new from this discovery please post it under this thread so maybe we can meet some of the goals that i put up top on this thread!!
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