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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Oct 17, 2016 at 2:18 AM       14      
Last week I noticed a new set of experiments for the PS4WebKit exploit targeting vulnerabilities in PS4 Firmware 4.01 by @Uint32Array, and recently dragood2 shared further details on it with PlayStation 4 developers. (-:

Before we dive into that, some other recent contributions from dragood2 include news of a PS4 3.11 Out of Bound Read (Freetype 64bit Exploit) and a PS4 3.55 Full Browser FileSystem and Gadget List for those interested.

Download: / GIT / Lamashtu GIT (Mirror) / Lamashtu PS4 WebKit (Mirror)

To quote: PS4 4.01 Webkit Exploits (POC , no ROP yet)

New Alias (I have no idea XD): White0verFlow -> Uint32Array -> Lamashtu -> DonaldDuck64 (2Dork).

Had to embed his New Alias @VultraAID sick off tired Seeing people posting in Shout box That his Testing Ground was new When its not.. Its White0VerFlow just changing his name for some Odd Reason.

This repository contains all the WebKit Vulnerabilities that affect the PS4 on version 4.01 (Not tested on lower versions, but could be ported with enough development).

Keep in mind that it's not a ROP, so it won't give you access to SysModules, Dumping, FSBrowsing and all that.

It's just a Proof Of Concept of which are the vulnerabilities of WebKit for the PS4's Orbis OS version 4.01

Credits go to Uint32Array !
Also greets to @toni1988 for sharing the memo with us in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :tup:
PS4 4.01 WebKit Exploits by Uint32Array.jpg

PS4 3.50 Webkit Crash Works on 4.01 as Memory Crash.jpg


This is not Uint32Array, This is was made by an old user on here who decided to change from White0verFl0w to Uint32Array PS: the javascripts dont even work
AND WTF anther credit aswell
I posted about this in the sb ages ago before anyone else and :noexpression: Just no just no
@VultraAID Did you mean the user @Uint32Array here on PSXHAX is not the same as THIS one on Github, or that the Uint32Array/PS4WebKit GIT isn't made by Uint32Array even though that's what Github shows? :confused:
Basically WhiteoverFlow Had a rage on discord he changed his name to "..." due to the fact everyone said to stop ballshitting about stuff on the ps4 so then he changed his Name on github to Uint32Array on github and uploaded his work under Uint32Array.. and how do i know itws him and his work? because before he changed his name on discord to "..." He was taking screenshots off his Work and started showing it in discord and everyone started hating on him due to the fact what he uploaded did not work on the ps4

See WhiteOverFlow logo well the picture he uses is here​
Last week white0verflow asked me to delete his account, I explained to him we don't delete accounts here and so he said to change his username to something random and ban the account then so I did... the account he used to have is now @NDR0.

So you're saying @Uint32Array (on both Github and here) is him then or ?
He went offline it seems, but now that I'm aware of this drama I just compared the two accounts and they do match.

That said, besides all these 'changing names' reindeer games what is the deal with the PS4 4.01 Webkit exploits... is the GIT just being posted by dragood2 on Wololo's forum for LULz or are they still a work-in-progress, do they not work at all etc ? o_O

Off-topic: LMAO! :p

Full event:
Great work but I still want to argue that ps4 should have a JB on 3.55 or below not 4.01 because don't mind me being inconsiderate but is everyone had a JB what would be the fun it it??
I wish we get a jailbreak soon, but day to day theres a new bullsh!t.

I think that we dont wanna see somethin special from a noname...
If somethin is happen, cturte, specterdev maybe fail0verflow posting the big news on their twitter acc...

I mean every week there is a new guy who posting such stuff...attention female dog...nothing more...see NGCheats for example

Making me tired...sry