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Thanks to LibHB developed and researched by @cfwprophet (Twitter), and with his support this morning we worked together and finally here it is.

I've built on my side the Unity Plugin to allow any developer escalate the privileges of the app running to ROOT. Obviously this will work for apps developed with Unity.

I will release source code (now available below) as soon as I've got it ready to use, and clean of testing garbage.

I will also release a new version of PS4-GBEmu but instead with the big list of ROMs, empty of roms, and with access to the USB0. So remember to plug your USB disk with ROMS in your PS4.

Here, a sneak peak with the Mediaplayer & File Manager PoC that I shown several days ago, but using USB0.

Running Unity App PS4 Unjail - Using LibHB - CFWProphet - RetroGamer


:arrow: Update: All of my sources released. Welcome Unity Developers to the PS4 Scene!

Hi everyone, as I promised, I did my best to bring to the scene all information as I can to make life easier for many developers, and make them enter into the scene to share their apps and make the scene growns.

So here I give you all my research and development. It is a set of apps, plugin, and tutorial to help you developing unjailed apps, emulators, payloads (yes payloads, you're unjailed, you're root), payloads with better User Interface, with parameters, and better communication with the user.

You got everything here. Hope you enjoy. And please come to help, come to develop.

From the PS4 Developing Homebrew Unity (Tested with 4.55 but you can build for other versions if you use the right *** and Unity versions)

PS4 Developing HomeBrew with Unity is set of apps and info I've prepared for you, if you're interested on developing homebrew.

So this is all information you've got available from my repos.


1. Unity PS4
2. ***

Optional: Visual Studio if you want to also build the native code for the unjail plugin. If not you can use unjail with the already built library inluded.


1 - Unjail Plugin. Library PRX and C# sample to enable Unjail for the app you want to develo .Easy proof of concept to test the Unjail Plugin for Unity PS4. I made this plugin for all Unity PS4 developers to allow an app escalate privileges and get root. ( This feature is part of libHB from cfwprophet).
2 - PS4-GBEmu Beta version and file scroll view. Unjailed.

An emulator App. It is a GBoy emulator, with many features, and a browser for files integrated. Gamepad and trackpad management. And many features for GUI interaction. Unjail included for testing also. You should connect your USB disk to your PS4 with a folder named ROMS in the root of your USB disk containing all files .gb as roms in there.
Video Sample:

3 - Mediaplayer and File Manager. Unjailed.

A media player with file browser and many other features. Similar to the one before, but this time with more file browsing features, and using common dialogs for PS4, la IME ( Keyboard on screen ). You can use this feature by selecting a file from the list and doing click on the Rename button, which is located on the right side.

When you move over to the text box containing the name of the file, the keyboard will be shown. Change whatever you want with the keyboard and then press R2 to confirm. The text will appear in the textbox. So you've got the full procedure complete.
Video Sample: (See above)

4 - Source code C++/C for Unity Unjail Plugin (Visual Studio 2015 Required)

If you want to add Syscall to the Unjail Plugin you will need the full source code. You will need Visual Studio 2015 to build this, and of course the ***.
5 - How to compile and build Packages (FPKG) with Unity

Finally if you get further info about how to compile using Unity PS4 and create packages you can follow next tutorial: How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74
Best regards.

:idea: Some other PlayStation 4 scene Tweets making their rounds today of interest:

; PS4 configuration file for PSPHD

; Game Image

; Redirect host0: to a specific directory (uncomment to enable).
; By default it's mapped to either "/hostapp/" if available, or "/app0/" if "/hostapp/" is not available.

; To dump the original video in PMF format, uncomment the --dumpvideos line
; For example, with the current setting, it will save them in a "videos" directory inside the File Serving Directory

; To dump the original audio in Atrac3 format, uncomment the --dumpaudio line
; For example, with the current setting, it will save them in a "audio" directory inside the File Serving Directory

; To replace atrac3 audio samples, use this.

; To save the in-game textures as the game runs, uncomment the --texsave line
; For example, with the current setting, it will save them in a "texdump" directory inside the File Serving Directory

; To replace specific textures as the game runs, uncomment the --texreplace line
; For example, with the current setting, it will load them from the "texreplace" directory inside the File Serving Directory

; This forces alpha blending to on for replaced textures. (uncomment to enable)
; With this we can freely make use of a normal alpha channel on replacement textures

; This enables bilinear filtering on replaced textures. (uncomment to enable)

; Antialiasing mode. SSAA4x looks best, MSAA4x only smooths edges.
; Choices: off, SSAA4x, MSAA4x

; Enable switching between original and replacement textures at runtime using the L3 button on a DS4 or the 'T' key on Windows

; Turns on the auto-resampler. Assumes textures in texreplace are at 8x resolution and resamples them at load

; Parappa Alpha Hack

; Adjust overall volume level (does not include pad speaker volume). Range from 0.0 (min) to 1.0 (max)

; Special thanks to Matsuura, Rodney, Allan and all the awesome people at Japan Studio! Also HUUUUGE thanks to Ernesto, Adam, Henrick, Taku, Tim, Nick, Mayene, Tyler, Dave Thach and Scott Rohde whose support made this project of love possible! PaRappa-4-Ever!!!!!

; If you're reading this message, congratulations! you win !!!
; we love you so much. you’ve made hacking great again.
Unity Plugin for Apps from PS4 Home Screen Unjailed & Source Code.jpg


This video player is a demo so try with MP4. I didn't test it with other files. I'm compiling right now to upload it as a test.

Thank you.
Once this is in the wild we will have to watch out for dodgy progs trying to steal your info or for a laugh just trashing your ps4, Yes some people will think its funny to do this type of crap, It would be nice if we can have a way of easily detecting Root apps

and please use default passcodes on your apps or nobody will use them now if you cant check the contents
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