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Thanks for sharing Unity. I'm in :)

A sneak peak compilation demo video is below. Also here is ALPHA-V2.pkg (NPXS29111-app.rar) from LightningMods followed by v3-455.pkg (4.55) Alpha-V3.pkg (5.05) with changes outlined below and a Fake Version Patch by jocover as Unity 2017.2.0p2 requires 4.70 minimum.

Looking forward to seeing a lot more PS4 Homebrew coming soon for PS4 HEN with the recent Unity leak.


ALPHA-V2.pkg (341 MB)
MD5: 0845DF0E444B9318219A08711BB0335A

  • File manager (touch pad only)
  • Page 2
  • Video Player with home button
  • Video Player Options
  • File manager OverLay
  • FTP Server Start (unavailable)
  • Sonic W.I.P
  • Video Player USB Compatibility (Disabled for V2)
  • Local Web Server (Just a PoC so it wont show a page but will show IP and Port)
  • Will pick a RANDOM OPEN PORT
ALPHA V2 Known Issues
  • Roll-a-Bal controls need to be fixed
  • File manager is Touch Pad only
  • File manager is SANDBOXED (will be unjailed in future release)
  • Local Web Server shows error because it cant find Index

Me, x41, ZeraTron_

ALPHA V3 HOMEBREW For PS4 (4.55 / 5.05)
  • v3-455.pkg (4.55)
  • Alpha-V3.pkg (5.05 - MD5: 101732493715DE9913831F9B3630C0EE)
  • ONLY Works for 5.00+
  • Unjailed
  • Video Player with USB Support
  • Broken GameBoy Emu
  • Added more Bugs to fix later
Spoiler: Some Unity Leak Tweets

Asynchronous - Test Concept - RetroGamer
:arrow: Update: For those seeking a UnityTools v1.0 compiled build for PS Vita and interested in removing the PS4 Unity 'Trial' watermark with more below:

Download: UnityTools.exe / GIT / / GIT / / UnityPatcher GIT / / RadStudioKeyGen GIT via modz2014

From the UnityTools

Tools for Making it easier to get games created with Unity for PSVita games to run on HENKAKU..


-i Input DIR
-o output DIR
-f Fix the "Unsafe homebrew" bug (that prevents the game from launching if unsafe homebrew is enabled)
-u Remove the "trial version" watermark caused by development build in the bottom right corner
-r Remove unused files from your build
-p Pack to "PC HOSTED" builds to .VPK
-d Remove input directory after packing into .vpk
Also, after building a "PC HOSTED" application with UNITY. you can just drag n drop the folder onto the application and it will run: -f -u -r -p -d on it.

And from the other, to quote: Unity-PS4-UnWatermark

This Python Script removes the "Trial" Watermark out of ANY PS4 Unity Project

How To Use
  1. Install Python
  2. (Optional) Create a Python3 folder in C:\
  3. (Optional) copy everything from C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36 to C:\Python3
  4. Put on your Dekstop
  5. Open Control Prompt as Admin
  6. type in this C:\Python3\python.exe C:\Users\Username\Desktop\ -i EBOOT_LOCATION -o EBOOT_LOCATION -u
  7. After its done the Watermark is removed
  8. Profit??
Credits: Me (LM) SiIicaAndPina


Unity PS4 HEN Compilation Demo by RetroGamer74.jpg



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@PSXHAX all thats needed on my end is the right alf file and i'll be able to output something interesting that works on ps5 (given that a hen is available), everything else has already been obtained on my end. just a matter of time i think is all thats needed.

in other news; i would love to make a real brutal doom update, perhaps make a few next gen passes to the shaders, and a very epic and/or special project is being worked on for some time now but... the thing is; i am looking for the upmost latest version of that i can get my hands on.

i would be unable to compile a few current projects i know everyone would really like and that is being worked on against anything from 2017-2018 and everything i can get my hands on from 2020 seem to only output pkg's that fail to startup with CE-34224-5 (still looking into it).

thanks for any reply. this project im working on is gonna be great.


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That's AWESOME @SnakePlissken! šŸ˜

I have the following Unity PS4 2020 exe's backed up in my local archive I can mirror if you don't have them handy to try:
As for the CE-34224-5 PS4 error code, according to PSDevWiki it labels it as PFS Corrupt / Integrity check error / System internal error noting the following steps:
Step 1: Back up your saved data using a USB device or PS+ online storage. Go to [Settings] > [Initialization] > [Initialize PS4] and try the PS4 initialization.
Step 2: Restore your saved data.
Step 3: If the error occurs again there may be an issue with the PS4's hard drive (HDD). If you have previously changed the HDD, use the other HDD.
Perhaps the PKG's being generated are normal packages and not fake packages (FPKGs) used for jailbroken PS4 consoles? :unsure:

As for or newer versions, @SilicaAndPina used to share them but since the SilicaAndPina and siliccan Twitter accounts got suspended I haven't seen anything more recent than the 2020 versions named above although you can follow the latest 828hr Twitter account.

If anyone else reads this who can lend a hand, feel free to link them using SPOILER tags, or use the Contact Us page to share them anonymously and we'll add them to this thread for ya. ;)


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@PSXHAX oh ok this has to be my issue. i will have to replace publishing tools that came with the *** i am using. i had to get a certain *** 700 so i could use a later version of unity from 2021, but this means i must target platform firmware: 7.00 - 7.02. but anyways i tried replacing with "publishing tools" folder with what we would use back in 2017 build days but when i hit the compile with this present, i am told that the publishing tools need to be of a higher version and the builds fail. thanks for the info.

i am almost certain i need a updated orbis-pub-chk, orbis-pub-gen, orbis-pub-sfo ect. i tried using fake pkg tools i believe it is called, a download i found online only because it has the same files, seems to be the same set of tools but user made, well they are of the right version and do not crash the editor but i get the same error when compiling with those, just a thought but i think i need the right thing in that publishing folder something that i may not have.

will see, thanks for the info, all of this helps tho so yeah, cant wait to sort this out. im jus dying to show all what has been worked on.


Hi guys, I'm building too Skip from WiiU to PS4 for the new Unity Editor tools but the same errors of the 2019/2020 versions when compiling. Everything indicates that the 2017 version is the stable one. The *** of PS4 I could download thanks to whoever published the post are the real Gods of Olympus !!! :D

If someone has already solved the Fake PKG v 3.70 / *** 7.500 it would be a Christmas gift for everyone .. I have on my computer the Unity versions and the ps4 support packages that were published here, since the links are dead. If anyone is interested I will upload the files on a ghost server, since all the supports are called Unity ps4, they are eliminating good luck guys. (y)

Update: Here I leave a Unity_PS4++ mirror with the versions of Unity and the support packages for PS4 for everyone who could not download them when the links were active from my GDrive... good luck and merry christmas :giggle:

A question. who has been able to build with unity for Nintendo switch? I hope someone got it.

Thanks and good luck