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We've covered several PS4 GameSharing Methods here, and below are some video guides and a tutorial for those with an XBox One that would like to give the Unlimited Gamesharing method a try if you aren't into Nintendo Switch HAX yet! o_O

To quote from XBox One Sharing Method

Setup games for console step by step:

1: Connect XBox to Internet and install update for console
2: Add your account with games in console and 2 account for play offline
3: Go to all settings - personalization - my home XBox -make this my home XBox
4: Go to my games&apps - ready to install - you must see your games purchase - and start download your games
5: When your download finished you must run all your games
6: Set your console offline and remove your account with games

You can install your games in 3 console totally.

Setup reset your limitation:

1: Use one VPN for change IP address to USA
2: Go to USA support online chat (
3: Sign in your account and start chat
4: Talk to support for reset your account limit
5: When reset is complete you can trick 3 console again is unlimited because Microsoft support USA reset this for unlimited without problem

Special thanks to gholamreza hajizadeh.

Unlimited Gameshare One The XBox One

FIRST Xbox One Saved Game Mod Tool TEASER by Vantage Mods / Vantage XBox One Mod Tool
Finally from Xenomega comes xsymlink which is an XBox One Symbolic Link Exploit to access restricted/encrypted volumes using the Xbox File Explorer.

:alert: Just like using modded consoles can get you banned online, a ban risk is also present with these tricks... if anyone tests it out let us know your results, and THANKS to @marioodyssey in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the tip! :D
After a fairly long while, I've been able to dump any Xbox titles from a retail console. All started because I wanted to dump and mod Halo. An achievement I wanted to share. Thanks to the wonderful guys who helped me out.Happy Saturday! [Xbox One - Version: 10.0.22621.3446]
Kudos to onebawbag
The method to decrypt and dump Xbox One games is now out :D
Yes, you need a valid license
They are not one time, but they are tied. Online licenses are tied to your Xbox account (and you gotta be online or use a set-as-Home console for the license to load). Disc licenses are tied to each disc (and it has to be inserted in the ODD for the license to load)
Unlimited Gamesharing on XBox One Video Guide.jpg


"Unlimited" is not the right word. The "exploit" is based on a customer support person being nice to you.

It might work once, but they almost certainly put a note in your account when they reset the limit, so it's unlikely to work twice for the same account, and if enough people start requesting the reset, they will likely stop resetting the limit in general, which is bad for legit users.
Not into Xbox stuff, but if I was this thread is where I'd post it so you already beat me to sharing it here :D
Hello , how are you ?

can you explain more how does this bug work ?

as i see there was an note that your account should lock and old , but i test it on an fix on web account , but it didnt work.
this method not working anymore, is there new method for unlimited game sharing?

because when when i use microsoft support method, they say have to wait 1 years for auto reset and they never reset for me.
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