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While this Unlimited PS4 / PS5 Game Sharing Method is currently active complete with a guide and demonstration video below, before getting too excited keep in mind the loophole will inevitably be patched and closed by Sony as was done with previous PS4Scene and PS5Scene gamesharing methods... so NOT worth the risk in attempting them for most users. :cautious:

⚠️ Update: As expected, this method has now been patched and no longer works. ⚠️

Proceeding all the early PS4 ModChip-Based GameSharing Methods and PSN Account-Based PS4 GameSharing Methods, here are some more previous PS4 / PS5 GameSharing Methods for reference also sorted by date with the oldest first:
:arrow: Below are the latest Unlimited PS4 / PS5 Game Sharing Method Guide instructions via and demo video from @rmorteza21p (Twitter) and @zecoxao (Twitter) for those interested:

New unlimited game share method (PS4 / PS5):

1. Log in to your account and go to the Divas section
2. Get the name of the relevant device (PS4 or PS5) and change it
3. Change until you get an Error Has been Occurred
4. Sometimes the account may not give an error, in which case at least 15-20 times the name of the account will be randomly tested on the console to be active.
5. If the account is not active and does not give an Occurred error, then click on the account on a console like PS5 that has the capacity and get active and de-start. Finally, start changing the name of PS4 and repeat the above steps.

As always, we'll update the article once confirmation is received of this PS4 / PS5 Unlimited GameSharing Method being patched. :notworthy:
:alert: Be careful with my unlimited sharing account method on PS5, now if you click on any profiles 'hacked' on your PS5, all the games are immediately locked.
You need .rif for get launched I think, so you need to have the games on your account.

:arrow: Update #2: GameSharing v3 PS4 by @freeplex

Today I'd like to share one piece of information I've learned a long time ago on the PS4 gamesharing method. This has been working for a long time, like a couple of years now. I think now is the right time to share the method with love and good intentions. Gamesharing hardware PS4 (PS4 SysGlitch Tool / SysCon Glitching)
PS4 GameSharing v3 by Freeplex.jpg

It work on last firmware old time!! Now work on 10.01
Unlimited PS4 PS5 Game Sharing Method Guide and Demo Video!.jpg


@HackYourPS4 You read my mind... I was going to mention you and ask if this was the last remaining private gamesharing method.

So now we're down to one left... I wonder if @freeplex or @egycnq know of any others still private (that may require special hardware, etc). :unsure:

@PSXHAX unfortunately yes, only one private method left. Maybe more, but not in my position :)

Happy these two methods are few years old and were kept in private for so long. Sure it get patched with next update in few days
@HackYourPS4 Thanks for the follow-up, much appreciated! <3

I haven't seen any reports of it being patched as of tonight, but I agree it likely won't be long before $ony lowers the boom on it.
dang, when i try to rename the ps4 i just get "The connection to the server timed out." tried on my home ip, a vpn, my phones data lol
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