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Proceeding Hippie68's PSXITArch Linux PS4 Guide, the PS4 Linux Loader Payloads for 5.05-9.00 consoles that are Jailbroken and the Updated Arch Linux Build for PS4 recently developer Nazky (aka NazkyYT on Twitter) shared an Unofficial SteamOS 3.0 Linux Build with the PlayStation 4 Scene including some game demonstration footage of Xenoverse 2 and Skyrim SE in action among further details below. šŸ§

Download: Steam4PS.tar.xz (2.79 GB - User: nazky / Pass: toor) / NazkyYT's Ko-fi Page <3

This comes following the previous demo video of Running Steam on PS4 Linux alongside a guide covering How to Install Steam (Not SteamOS) on PS4 Linux for those interested.

Unofficial SteamOS 3.0 Linux Build for PlayStation 4


  • Can use the DS4 as a trackpad
  • Heroic game launcher (epic games)
  • Lutris (for every others games)
  • DXVK (Directx9,10,11 to Vulkan)
  • VK3D (Directx12 to Vulkan)
  • Wine - SteamDeck UI shortcut
  • ProtonUP QT (update wine and protonge)
  • Can be update
  • GameScope
  • DS4 detect as a mouse not a trackpad (fix : change the setting to trackpad)
  • SteamDeck UI not opening (fix : start Steam connect close steam run the SteamDeck UI again)
  • Black Screen (fix : wait until you see "No Signal" and press a key or press ALT + F4 then ALT + F7)

It's not "alt + fx" it's "CTRL + ALT + Fx"


āš ļø This not an official SteamOS so of course you can have bugs and other things but hey it's just Linux you can modify what you want and add fix too (add a swap and use a 5.x kernel)

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Unofficial SteamOS 3.0 Linux Build for PS4 & Game Demos by NazkyYT.png


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