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Hey guys I'm ILLUMINOUS (cammi from PS4 News) and I have a new forum for E-Cig users to go, meet and get to know more about vaping.

If you're a new vape user or a expert it's all for you guys.. go check it out!
Thanks to DarkElementPL for the pics below also! :)




Glad ya made it to PSXHAX @ILLUMINOUS :)

I will mainpage this for ya to help kickoff your new forum... as mentioned via PM, if it grows bigger I'd definitely get a domain of your own versus the free ProPHPBB hosted one. ;)

I vape a bit these days... never really had the desire to join a forum about it, but if you work on adding content there you just might change my mind :D

What annoys me most are the wicks in the atomizer burning out so quickly, even when the tank is primed well etc... most are made of cheap parts from overseas I spose :p

Anyway, good luck with your new forum buddy!
I don't Vape
But welcome bro :)
I use to smoke a hell lot of Weed
But can't do it any more I have a family and I don't stay in Colorado
:~/ but 420 its always cool with me :)
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