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If someone want's to have a quick look through the internals of the .sdll and .sexe files that you can dump with the great DumpFile405: VV1LD/DumpFile405 source


I modified a great editor to be able to directly open dumped decrypted sexe or sdll files (tested with 4.05 files, file extension must be .sdll or .sexe).
It is meant for viewing only.
If you save the files within the editor it will save the file without the original header.

Download: (15 MB)

Additionally I created a small console app that cuts away the head of the file and saves it in a subfolder \output with the original filename.
Just drag and drop one or multiple selcted files from the explorer onto the cut4096.exe.
Then you can open the files in the original editor
(but NOT in the modified one if the extension still is .sdll as it would cut the file again).

Download: (3 KB)

The .sexe/.sdll file contains an embedded dotnet file with pe header.
The values in the pe header don't add the 4096 byte from the additional header.





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"My God, it's full of stars" :D

I see in your bottom pic you have "...enable_exthdd" highlighted. do we flip that switch on for 4.55 HEN? :)


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@phono is it possible that you can dump something like the playroom? I used a pkg that messed it up and its gone. I tried using the pkg database but it seems to only give me the update instead of the complete pkg.


Sorry, have nearly no time to work on things currently.

What I would like to have would be a way to control mono on the ps4 to run custom mono assemblies, that would be great.

If someone could give me a hint, let me know.

I thought of two ways:
1. the best would be: control mono from the public open source dev kit
2. not so great: hijack an existing package and modify it (maybe with free Unity)

Just some infos:
some of the last packages that were built with Unity (I have some experience since v4 with it) for PS4 contain mono assemblies (controller homebrew, ...)

And there you can find a file "archive.psarc", there are tools out there that can extract playstation arc files (a bit buggy).

Then in Image0\Media you will find some asset files.
Again there are some tools that can extract them, but you could then use it in Unity with an custom script to import the assets to be able to modify them.