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Following news of Adventure Time and Tokyo Xanadu, today Team FreeK shared a Vitamin PS Vita video demonstrating Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved being decrypted and made into a VPK File for use with HENkaku! (y)

Check out the Vitamin PSVita by Team FreeK videos below alongside some related Tweets:

Vitamin PSVita by Team FreeK.jpg



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If I had a Vita I'd definitely want to give this a go, but Sony did a pretty good job sinking their own battleship there :D



It's a pleasing and satisfying news for me although I don't have a ps vita. hopefully the same will happen to the ps4. but I want to state something related to custom firmware, I keep seeing some people want cfw, as far as I've read from SpecterDev's article, unlike the ps3, ps4 has a controller unit which checks CoreOS files md5 checksum and uses AES encryption, shortly I feel like the developers will make progress over the webkit vulnerability and homebrew will be available without a custom firmware. this is my prediction. I'm ready to be enlightened by experts :)


hope more games release and playable on external hdd or even usb thumbdrive as memory card for ViTa are sooooo expensive.
Really just need a 16GB or 32GB memory card for Vita....keep the VPK games on your computer's hard drive and FTP as needed.....yea, FTP is slow, but it's free to FTP :)
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