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Following the latest VitaShell official update, here is a modified version of VitaShell v1.43 complete with Source Code from my Github for developers. :veryhappy:

To quote from my blog:

EN: I propose a VitaShell edit with the addition of two features that will please the customizers
  • Adding the pic0 to the launch of the application
  • Added background image random "10 max" (-:
FR: Je vous propose un VitaShell modifier avec l'ajout de deux fonctionnalitées qui fera le plaisir des customizeurs
  • Ajout du pic0 au lancement de l'application
  • Ajout du background image random "10 max" (-:
Download: VitaShell_1.43_Modified
VitaShell 1.43 Modified with Source Code by BenMitnicK.png



Staff Member
Here's an update bringing it to VitaShellMod 1.61 for those following, and to quote from @BenMitnicK's Blog on the changes:

Download: VitaShellMod.vpk

VitaShellMod brings additional options to VitaShell

:alert: Warning, it will replace VitaShell.
  • Add the pic0 to the launch of the application
  • Add background image random "20 max" :)
  • Add language selection in options
  • Add DataBaseMenu (right joystick => Left to activate the menu)
  • Add PluginsManager (Right joystick => Top to activate the menu) * The panel has been removed
  • Add Vitaident (right joystick => right to activate the menu)
  • Add automatic plugin organization Enable/Disable
  • Add the language of the different menu and options in the language file
  • Add color options for different menus
  • Add credit
  • Add Theme manager
  • Add somes options to color.txt
  • Add noPreview image and square+triangle button image to theme folder
  • Add param.ini for 100% Customizing Select Manager
  • Add Filter for your Wallpapers
  • Settings menu remapped to LTRIGGER+START
Thanks to:
  • #vita*** channel
  • TheFloW for VitaShell
  • NeoLTK for PluginsManager
  • Joel16 for Vitaident
  • Razneck for Theme
  • Xerpi, xyz for their help in #vita*** channel
  • My Beta tester Fusortia, BlackBrain and Chronoss from LogicSunrise
  • Ruben_Wolfe From
  • & of course Team Molecule! :)
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