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If you're looking to use your Android Phone as a PS Vita Screen with RinCheat then PlayStation Vita homebrew developer @Sonry has you covered with his Pre-Alpha version of VitaView that offers a first look for those interested complete with source code! :cool:

Download: VitaView.PRE.apk / GIT

To quote from the VitaView VitaView

Use your Android Phone as a Ps Vita Screen with RinCheat.


1- Install Rinnegatamante RinCheat (With NetModule) on your Vita
2- Install VitaView apk on Android phone or Tablet.
3- Put your Vita's IP on the app and Save*

VitaView is in pre-stage, it have too many bugs.


1- Read the RinCheat (Screen Stream) Manual, some games Don't work with it

There is a list with some games tested:

2 -With Rincheat and Screen Stream Turned On, on your Phone press Start to see the Vita Screen.

*You must be on the same wifi network to make this works

  • Fix Recconection
  • Need Stability

Published on GitHub...
First Look Released

  • Thanks to Rinnegatamante for Creating RinCheat and Screen Stream Module!
  • Sonry: Android App

TODO: Write license
Finally, in related PlayStation Vita homebrew news the first public f00d hack (F00D Processor) is now available from xyzz which may bring the PS Vita CFW Framework known as TaiHEN to full Custom Firmware... a Chain of Trust flowchart is below courtesy of the Wiki. (y)

VitaView by Sonry Brings PS Vita Screen to Android Phones via RinCheat.jpg