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Following the release of many PlayStation Vita homebrew VPK Files, Vitamin_v1.1.vpk and the latest VitaShell 0.91 today PS Vita developer c0d3m4st4 updated to VPKTool 1.3 followed by v1.3.1 for PS Vita which is a utility to split and install VPK files in parts. :cool:

Download: / / (87 KB) / (Mirror) / (87 KB)

From the ReadMe file in his latest VPKTool 1.3 release, to quote:

VPKTool 1.3 - (c)2016 - c0d3m4st4


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (if you use Windows XP, sorry, you are out of luck and you will need to upgrade or use other alternatives, as i'm not going to use 3rd party compression libraries).

+Bug reports:

Feel free to contact me on twitter @c0d3m4st4


Simply drag and drop your .vpk file. The application will generate 2 files:
[TITLE_ID] (unzipped in case of x86)
Transfer the [TITLE_ID]_install.vpk to your PSVita and install with VitaShell.

Unzip [TITLE_ID] file, then transfer the unzipped content to ux0:app\[TITLE_ID] on your PSVita.

You can also mark the new vpk file as safe, and also keep the original vpk by selecting so in the checkboxes.

Now a small differecence depending if you are running it on x86 or x64 (x64 offers better performance, and x86 funcionality had to be done this way to avoid problems with huge .vpk files).

x64: If you mark the "Unzip files for FTP" option, it will unzip the [TITLE_ID] for you (this is done automatically on x86 due to some big files restriction). Also, on x64 [TITLE_ID] is not deleted, maybe someone wanna store his games in this format, so those who don't need it will have to delete it manually.

x86: if you mark the "Backup zipped files (FTP files) it will create [TITLE_ID] otherwise the files to FTP will remain unzipped).

The compression level dropdown let you choose compression level for all compresion operations. You can also repack the chosen .vpk file (and do nothing else), with the chosen compression level. This might be useful for upcoming Vitamin release; you can choose a faster dumping speed with less compression and then repack on computer which should be faster.


  • Another small bug fix release for wrong repacks! Since i do not extract the whole thing when possible my app relies on correct ZIP structures, but seems everyone add the modules in different ways. This should hopefully fix all repacks now. Thinking of adding an option to add modules to the vpk from my app.
  • Fixed bug affecting malformed .vpk files
  • Added compression option
  • x86 support back
  • Added extra check to avoid unnecessary operations
  • "Mark as safe only" option
  • More error control to fix stupid crashes
  • Improved stability... hey.. if Sony does it, i can do it too! :p
  • Fixed crash with huge vpk files (out of memory)
  • Added unzip option so it will the compress the files to FTP for you
  • Fixed small bugs here and there... never release anything at 5:00 A.M.
  • Initial release

Shout-outs to Team Freek & HENkaku for doing what no one else could. Good job guys!

And to those who critizice other people work... book you! You know who you are...

:arrow: PS Vita Game Shrinker by Dakor is now released, and also below is VPKShrink 4.0 from HaiHakkuIku with details from the PasteBin as follows:

Probably last version just added different languages, for the translations check out:
This is probably the last release as other tools have been released that do the same job, this one i partially like (Does ftp transfers too)

Thanks for the 11,000~ total downloads <3



VPKTool 1.3.jpg


Thanks for the bug report @chatoo6, also I added a mirror to the OP now alongside v1.3.1 and will watch for newer versions of the app ;)

PS: I added the latest (and possibly last) VPKShrink by HaiHakkuIku to the bottom of the first post also now!
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