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Following his VitaGameUpdateChecker, PlayStation Vita homebrew developer LMAN (TheLeecherMan) has made available VPKViewer v0.1b for PS Vita VPK Files recently with a VitaPackageViewer v0.2b update and the changelogs below. :ninja:

Download: VPKViewer.v0.1b-LMAN.rar (580 KB) / VPKViewer.v0.2b-LMAN.rar (598 KB)

To quote from his page: VPKViewer Written By LMAN © 2016

VitaPackageViewer is A tool that view PSVita VPK contents in details, with the ability to edit it's access permissions, Also it can check on-line for official game updates and more.

Change-log v0.1b:
  • First public beta release.
  • Added new icons.
  • Added infos button in toolbar.
  • Reordered toolbar buttons.
  • Enhanced APP\GAME detection.
  • Support to View contents from folders.
Change-log v0.2b:
  • Added new option to import loader\modules. this option is useful if you want to update or change the loader\modules of your game.
  • Added new option in 'check for game update' message to copy download link to clipboard.
  • Added new option to complete scan files for any critical\suspicion codes.
  • View VPK\Folder contents in details.
  • View\Edit Safe\Unsafe permissions.
  • Create Small VPK installer.
  • Check On-line for game updates.
  • Export Loader\Modules from dumped games.
  • Import Loader\Modules from dumped games.
  • Completely Scan files for any critical\suspicion codes.

Microsoft DotNet v4.0.


If you find my works are useful and would like to collaborate on the development of my projects, consider donating the amount you find right. visit my homepage, or contact me to donate.


This tool uses Ionic's Zip Library.