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Indie game studio developer OneDuckTheory of recently shared a Battlefield 2042 100-player Battle Royale dubbed Warfield 100 created in Portal Mode with Portal Editor featuring a pre-game lobby, parachuting into action, a closing circle, randomized ground loot, a prison, a spectator mode and more with a PS5 gameplay video by via their YouTube Channel demonstrating it in action below. šŸ¤©

For those in the PlayStation 5 Scene, this comes proceeding the Battlefield 2042 Reveal, Gameplay, Portal, Exodus Short Film, Open Beta, Hazard Zone, New Specialists & What A Time To Be Alive, Renewal Breakaway & Discarded Maps alongside Portal Revisited trailers... and to quote from chbmg on Reddit who notes the following before diving in:

āš ļø Unfortunately, the game mode is only available on PC and next-gen consoles due to the game's 64-player limit on last generation consoles like PS4. However, I may make new types of game modes in the future with lower player limits so that everyone can try them. I just wanted to start with a big battle royale format to see if it was even possible.

Warfield 100 - A Full Battle Royale Experience

After spending more hours in the rules editor than I care to admit, I'm pleased to announce the creation of a full battle royale experience for Battlefield Portal:

"Warfield 100" is a 100-player battle royale. Features include a pre-game lobby, parachuting into action, a closing circle, random ground loot, a prison, and a spectator mode.

I'll be hosting the game frequently for the next 1-2 hours and randomly throughout the upcoming days. You should be able to search for it by the name "Warfield" or the full name "Warfield 100 - Battle Royale" (the server name should be "Warfield Server" too).

:idea: If you want to host it yourself, here's the code: AAGDWA

Although the game mode itself uses a lot of custom visual aids to explain everything, I'm including all the current details below for anyone who's interested. For those who don't want a wall of text, you can just skip everything below, search for the game, and join!

P.S. I play on PC but I use a controller (yes, I'm a masochist) AND I'm pretty trash at most FPS games (still love them). I mention this to assure anyone who joins that any bot running around with my username is indeed a human player. I'm also an indie game developer in the "real world" and I'm happy to answer questions about the rules editor for this mode or anything else when I can.

Spoiler: Full Game Details

Limitations (mostly based on what's currently available in the rules editor):
  • 28 AI players are normally reserved for circle/prison boundaries, but if more than 100 humans join, then some of these AI players will "disappear"
  • Players who join after the pre-game lobby (i.e. 60+ seconds after the game starts) or when there are already 100+ humans will be set to "spectate"
  • Even with just a few human players, the "spotted" AI are not always visible simultaneously, but messages are also used to indicate the distance/direction to center circle to help navigate
  • "Active" AI players (rather than those being used for "boundaries") will sometimes fight inactive AI or leave safe zones to die randomly, so the game should be more fun with humans
  • Rather than redeploying, it was necessary to "terminate" players to move to different stages (e.g. if you get enough kills to leave prison, you will be immediately "terminated" but this doesn't count against your deaths and you are redeployed in the air). For some reason, simply redeploying players wasn't kicking off the "On Player Deployed" events
  • When picking up ground loot, it may be necessary to crouch more than 3 times due to the custom code "while loops" needing to run on 1-second intervals (alternatively, just switch between crouching/standing "slowly" every 1-2 seconds rather than rapidly changing stance)
Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale Mode Gameplay (Portal) Warfield 100 PS5 Gameplay
Warfield 100 Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale via Portal Mode PS5 Gameplay.png