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Following the Opoisso893 / Golemnight PS4 FPKGs and mrBOOT (Fugazi) PS4 FPKGs comes a Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef v1.01 (10.01) PS4 PKG with OST by @CyB1K (aka Cyberpt1000 / Ko-fi Page :coffee:) released together with TRIFECTA (@Grief247allday, @jwooh and @stripnwild) for use on PS4 Jailbroken consoles in the PlayStation 4 Scene. 🪓

Here are the file details from the ongoing discussion topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide):

[CUSA31022] Warhammer 40000 Shootas, Blood and Teef Update 1.01 + OST Fully Backported


  • EP8922-CUSA31022_00-1890590332131567-A0100-V0100-TRIFECTA-CyB1K.pkg (1.43 GB)
Update Backported:
  • EP8922-CUSA31022_00-1890590332131567-A0101-V0100-TRIFECTA-CyB1K.pkg (1.47 GB)
Update (9.00+):
  • EP8922-CUSA31022_00-1890590332131567-A0101-V0100-9.00-TRIFECTA-CyB1K.pkg (1.43 GB)
  • Deon van Heerden - Warhammer 40-000- Shootas- Blood & Teef (212.84 MB)
Install The Base Game "EP3678-CUSA31190_00-MLPBASEGAME00001-A0100-V0100-CyB1K.pkg" Then Install This Update (No Fixes Required)

Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 Backport! Another release together with TRIFECTA (@Grief247allday, @jwooh and @stripnwild)! This game was waaaaay too expensive...


By CyB1K
Warhammer 40,000 Shootas, Blood & Teef PS4 PKG by Cyb1K with TRIFECTA.png