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Recently PS4 Scene developer iBhoppers aka HoppersPS4 on Github made available Waste_Ur_Time which is a PS4 PKG Passcode Bruteforcer App utilizing orbis-pub-cmd.exe to brute force (guess) the PlayStation 4's Package (PKG) Passcode currently supporting PS4 Game CIDs for 263 titles with an online database work-in-progress (WIP) also planned. :geek:

Download: PS4_Passcode_Bruteforcer_x64.exe / PS4_Passcode_Bruteforcer_x86.exe (Latest Version) / GIT

This comes following the Hashcat Bruteforcer for PS4 NIDs, PS4 Fake PKG Tools with Fake PKG Generator 3.87 v5 Patched for FPKGs, PS4 PKG Default UDK Passcodes List, Dying Light PS4 PKG Passcodes, Dead Island: Definitive Edition & Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition PS4 PKG Passcodes, PS4 Movie Maker to Convert / Make Videos Into .PKGs and Make_Full_PackagePS4 also utilizing orbis-pub-cmd.exe.

Here's further details from the Waste_Ur_Time


Waste_Ur_Time is now a C++ program that employs a brute force approach to guess the PlayStation 4's Package Passcode.

Welcome 'Waste_Ur_Time,' a program that takes on the seemingly impossible task of bruteforcing PS4 and PS5 Package Passcodes, where success is as elusive as samsepi0l loving floppas.

  • Able to Bruteforce (Added in v1.00) ✅
  • Threads (Added in v1.01) ✅
  • GPU / CPU (Added in v1.04) ✅
  • Database (Added in v1.05) ✅
PS4_Passcode_Bruteforcer_x64.exe package output [--gpu [percentage]]
Upcoming Features:
  • Database (W.I.P)
  • Online Database
  • --silence tag to make it even faster!
If you would like to see more features, please make a feature request here.

  • Obviously, i cant supply this file. Sony will sue or someone else will.
  • File is formatted like this: CONTENT-ID:PASSCODE

09/29/2023 - 1.07b Released
  • a lot of code cleaning for future source release
  • PS5 Support
  • A ton of checks to see if the Package file is actually a real PlayStation Package.
09/24/2023 - 1.06 Released
09/23/2023 - 1.05 Released
09/23/2023 - 1.04 Released
  • GPU Support added (use --GPU flag)
  • General Improvement to make the program more light and faster.
  • Added a somewhat database of Known Passcodes or already bruteforced Passcodes.
09/23/2023 - 1.03 Released
  • Recode, its now in C++!
  • This software update improves Bruteforce performance. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
09/21/2023 - 1.02 Released
  • General Improvement
  • Changes Password Generation
09/20/2023 - 1.01 Released
  • Added Threads
  • Some Optimization
09/20/2023 - 1.00 Released
  • Initial Release
Known Issues

GPU percentage seems to be bugged. maybe fixed in next update
Waste_Ur_Time PS4 PKG Passcode Bruteforcer App by iBhoppers.png


the gpu is a bug, it's using my cpu but ofc, there's a quintillion possible passcodes
well yeah it is called waste ur time so its implied lol. still cool, but if the pkgs passcode isnt in the database youll probably be waiting for a bruteforced match for quite a while, even if your pc is a beast its still gonna take a while for it to brute them.

just like a bruteforce for any password on anything, if there isnt a way to decrypt and read a pwd for something or a system, your gonna be waiting a while for it to be bruteforced, even if its a simple 4 digit number the amount of possibilities is so great it would take months to bruteforce it. so then for a large cluster of letters and numbers such as a pkg passcode it could take years.
months? it could take billions of years if you aren't lucky enough for it to get the lottery right lol
yeah i used the months term loosely and only in regards to the 4 digit brute i mentioned, ofcourse years or if at all if your not win the lotto lucky, like myself but i digress.

still an awesome idea, havent used the program myself but i think its a neat program.