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Today NGU's goku76 shared how you can currently get the full Watch Dogs 2 PS4 digital download for free due to a glitch he discovered that is outlined below! :bananaman3:

To quote: Recently Ubisoft released the TRIAL version of the FULL watch dogs 2. You're able to play the first 3 hours of WD2 as you please.

After doing some messing around I was able to glitch the game into giving me the full version of the WATCH DOGS 2.


You will NOT be able to use online after the first 3 hours have expired as this glitch will not work. You will also NOT be able to turn off your ps4. Reset mode is fine (As it suspends the applications and resumes them upon next startup).

  • Download the trial from the PlayStation Store
  • Play for up to however long you want
  • When it says you have 30 mins remaining close the application
  • Go over to the settings and uncheck your Internet option so it has no way of connecting to the Internet
  • Go to the date/time option, uncheck the Internet time selection and change the time to 1 hour back
  • Restart your PS4
  • Start Watch Dogs 2
  • Play until it asks you to purchase the full game
  • Press "X" for BUY NOW and your game should continue from where you left off
  • Watch dogs 2 full game
  • No Internet connectivity
  • No multiplayer
  • No online features
  • Unable to completely turn off your PS4 which if you do will cause the game to shutdown and ask to be purchased upon next startup
  • You also can't exit to the main menu, otherwise it will ask you to purchase
Below is a video from @AmmarA1 posted HERE for those who'd like to see a demonstration of this! :thumbup:
Three cheers for socky aka @SockNastez for the tipoff in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :bananaman5:
Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Digital Download for Free via Glitch from Goku76.jpg


From what I can follow, you start with the trial and end up with the full version of the game... albeit with the restrictions outlined above of course.

Free is still free in my book though, if it's FREE it's for ME and I want THREE :D
this is a well know "glitch" on youtube never works as soon as you try and download it it stops when it is almost done or games loads up directly into demo mode