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Well i'm in the spanish forum ElOtroLado and we got some precious information and is we got some method for do the "bubbles"

But we need some help with someone with her ps3 jailbreaked and with it IDPS because we need know the file act.dat who generates a license when we download the bubbles

If anyone has the idps plz help us with that small thing!

Thanks for reading!
-Daniel :v


Staff Member
Beyond the old PKG Install ways, a few methods from ELO last year were posted HERE, and we had a discussion thread on PS3 Package Bubble Creation & PKG Game Transfer to OFW including DeViL303's Method, but obtaining the IDPS on newer PS3 Firmware was patched so people stuck on newer Firmware without a second PS3 console on CFW were able to get some older games working using the examples from THIS thread.

That's about all I'm aware of on this topic, others feel free to chime in. :)