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Following the recently released PS4 Web Trainer, today @TylerMods via PS4Trainer made available a homebrew app PKG at that will enable and run WebRTE (Runtime Environment) for PlayStation 4 scene developers with several updates below. :cool:

Download: WebRTE.pkg / WebRTE_455.bin / WebRTE_474.bin / WebRTE_505.bin / WebRTE_672.bin via S3phi40T / WebRTE_702.bin / WebRTE_755.bin / WebRTE_900.bin / PS4_Trainer_1.0.5.exe (Offline) / PS4 Trainer (Offline) for Android / ps4trainer.apk (25.4 MB - PS4 Trainer Offline APK) / Github / webrte900.bin (40 KB - 9.00 Port via @karo218) / WebRTE Original Source Code by JOGolden / (514 KB) / PS4 Payload Sender APK for Android (Paid) / PS4 Payload Sender APK for Android (Free)

Spoiler: Legacy Versions

According to their Tweet installation is simple, to quote: "Just install the .PKG, run the app, and WebRTE will be enabled (Must enable every boot like normal)."

More details are available on both and their Discord Channel for help and troubleshooting support.

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Cheers to @DEFAULTDNB for the news tip on Twitter earlier! :beer:
WebRTE.pkg PS4 Trainer Web RTE Package and Payload Released.jpg

WebRTE.pkg PS4 Trainer Web RTE Package and Payload Released 2.jpg



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Has anyone had any issues with the Android app suddenly not sending payloads and failing. The PC client works fine. But suddenly the Android app does not. Connected to the same network, verified that there is nothing in my network rules that auto-blocked communication. IP addresses are correct, etc.


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How to add Offline Trainer to esp8266? Now that I got a 16mb esp8266 I got room to add an Offline Trainer.

I’m tired of cache it online every time. But how do I add the files? Cuz that’ll be disgusting if if I just drop those 1000 files into my data folder lol then how do I link it in index.html file?
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