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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter KINGLILBO509       Start date Jan 21, 2022 at 4:20 AM       5,158       32      
Since my Sounds of Nature Custom Theme PS4 PKG earlier today, here's yet another Weed PS4 Custom Theme for all the 420 people out there!

Download: UP0001-CUSA54935_00-PSTCTHEME0100000-A0000-V0200.pkg (16.5 MB) / UP0001-CUSA86339_00-PSTCTHEME0100000-A0000-V0200.pkg (15.6 MB - Updated) / GIT

I hope you enjoy, as always there will be much more to come. :cool:

P.S. If anyone can help me (@KINGLILBO509 aka F1R3xS1NN3R) form an mdx file I'll start making dynamic themes, contact me in commits.. thank you!!
Weed PS4 Custom Theme PKG by F1R3xS1NN3R (aka KINGLILBO509).png


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