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Most of mine come from the SNES days, with a few NES and a N64 (after that, I bailed on Nintendo :p)

1. Super Mario Bros (I spent more quarters on this than Double Dragon, and that's a hella lot!! 2 got kinda weird with the dream thing, 3 was decent tho.. spent countless afternoons playing it zoning to Pink Floyd :cool:)
2. The Legend of Zelda (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is a damn close #2 runner-up)
3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OOT is probably the single most unforgettable console game I've ever played, nuff said!)
4. Sim City (SNES version, megapolis FTW baby!!) with Shadowgate as a close #4 runner-up.
5. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Blaster Master is a close #5 runner-up)

RIP Nintendo Power!! :D


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Well this rather takes me back to my early years. The one game that stands out for me was The NES Original super Mario brothers. My brother and I used to challenge one another to become the superior being in the house. We had some real epic challenges.

I will never forget the day I found a glitch on world 7 stage...Hmm Dam I forget the stage. But the glitch pertained to Mario committing suicide just after I received a free man and a humongous amount of points plus a bonus man up via stunning the turtle and then running after it while it bamboozled all foes in its way until it eventually hit a small wall and rebounded and I jump over it and over the wall into the drink. It was truly beautiful..... and then I got the opportunity to do the same maneuver over and over again...I was fcking BUZZING :D and the points I was amassing was astronomical ,

Before I knew it , I had clocked over 999999 and I just carried on until I reach around 14 million+ on that same level .. That is true I sh!t you not (over 14 clocks) and I then completed the game. :cool:...My brother was fcking distraught. :mad:

They were the true days ... That I will never forget... On a side note... He eventually clocked that game over 16 million + fcking used my trick Because he just could not bear the thought :notworthy:
He had actually won a monkey playing cards one night and paid around £550 for that NES and the games all them years ago... Good god just think of that £550 nicker lol ....... and he was never happy whenever he was defeated in any way shape or form with anything to do with his so called Baby.....Yes He actually called the console... HIS BABY. :love: They were the days.

He also had the teenage mutant ninja turtles game on the NES,... he was garbage at this game and I would torment him badly with my play. It felt so good. He would never recover from such pain , as he could never get to grips with that game. :D it was very tricky but I had mastered it. :)

The original Zelda for me was Amazing! for its time, A link to the past and Simon's quest Tremendous, I was into everything Adventure back then. As the years went by and consoles change... I eventually met my missus and we would play Alex the Kid for literally hours on end with the brother-in-law and his wife doing challenges.

They were Great day's indeed back then ....Damn I feel old now must be 1994 ish by the time I eventually drifted from console Game play, I like to watch the missus Play Adventures genre now as I do like to help when she comes across A sneaky puzzle or two.

I will however never forget those early console days and all those Amazing games; I have most certainly missed, naming many more, incredible games from that era. However, the moments with those games and challenges we had, will remain with me until I eventually go the way I lend Mario to in those early years Yikes! What goes around comes around, springs to mind. Still hopefully that`s a long time coming. Fingers crossed.

My brother and I still talk about them Golden years and all the fun, squabbling and laughter that we had back then playing them special games I mentioned.

Best Regards,


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I have a huge list of Nes stuff that are my favorites but here are some.
Mega man 2
Demon Sword
Mario 1,3
base wars
Turtles 3


Super Metroid
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2
Metroid Prime 3
Metroid: Other M

Well it seems I'm a Metroid fan :)
Ok, I love so many others too, but the question was for 5 games only...
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