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I usually don't care what I am listening to for the most part as long as it isn't jazz. I hate jazz with a passion for some reason. Lol.

I listen to a lot of rock, heavy metal, death metal, etc. and Rap/Hip Hop. None of that new rap crap. All these new "Lil" this or that dudes popping up everywhere. Lol.

Lately I have been listening to more underground Rap than anything. Some really talented guys from Canada that go by the names Merkules and Snak the Ripper. If anyone here is into Rap, definitely take a look at some of their stuff on YouTube. If you have medically diagnosed anxiety or depression like myself, you will absolutely love the lyrics in some of Merks songs. They're amazing.

As far as rock goes, Metallica is my all time favorite band. Lately I have found myself listening to H.I.M., Children of Bodom, All That Remains, and DevilDriver.

So what kind of music do you like to listen to? Comment below!


What kind of music is everyone into? I think everyone is into Susanne Sundfør. Though they may not know it yet...



I grew up listening to rap music. I still own tons of cds and dvd even old lp's old scool stuff like banging on wax 1 LP and new in seal bloods and crips vhs and more. To be honest i own more rap music then i will probobly ever listen but i only play and love to listen to the oldscool stuff around the year 95. Now years later most of my stuff is just collecting dust i geuss and the newer style rap music kind of made me think that maybe i overgrew that stuff...

If anybody is intrested i got some nice oldscool rare stuff here looking for another rap collector :)
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