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Hi, I was wondering where the firmware is stored?

I have a PS4 and want to change the harddrive and then install 4.05 on a fresh hdd so I can try the jailbreak

Is the firmware stored on the hdd? Will this work or is the newest firmware version stored on some other memory piece or something like that ?


You are correct on "firmware version stored on some other memory piece" part.

System software or firmware is not stored on the hdd. So even if you change harddrives, your firmware will stay the same.

For now, you can only upgrade firmware (3 -> 4 -> 5), not downgrade (5 -> 4 -> 3).


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i think is on something like Flash memory or NAND memory
The PS4 uses NOR flash memory. @Virusi you do have to be careful whenever you are updating the firmware, always check hashes of the update files to ensure that you have the right version.

Also verify at the popup message the version you get when updating. You don't want to rush and end up on the latest firmware because currently, there is no downgrade possible.