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Hi Guys, been hunting and hunting on Craigslist but to no avail. I understand I could hit Gamestop and buy a refurb, or take a chance with an unknown on Craigslist but I'd rather just know what Im getting.

Doesnt need to be jailbroken, I can do that, if it is already sweet.

Im in US. Have no interest in international shipping and would prefer to stay around the 200-250 mark.



Have a used PS4 PRo 1tb will sell for $260.00 US Dollars. I will Pay for Shipping. The system comes with just the power wire included "no controller". System is Black. System Firmware is 5.05 USA East Coast.

Condition is 8/10 just scratches a little on bottom. everything else is mint. I can post any pics you want of it.. you can update to 5.50 if you want but i have it on 5.05
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