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Following the previous revisions of the X-Project PS4 5.05 Self Host / ESP8266 today we present the latest X-Project v1.5.5 updates for PS4 5.05 by myself @DEFAULTDNB aka KiiWii (Twitter) and @Leeful (Twitter) with the changes outlined below.

1.5.5 Change log (REGULAR version):

+ Triple version bump due to LOTS OF NEW things :p
+ Version number is displayed in multiple places so you know which version you're using.
+ Improved information panel, now shows more information so you know whats going on
(Can be hidden or shown again by clicking show/hide, perma-hidden or perma-showing based on toggle)
+ X-Project (not PS4) debug menu is now able to be perma-toggled)
(New hidden goat icon for test payload!)
+ Fixed debug menu "ghost column" issue (been there since day one!)
+ Added Cache and FW detection, along with network/tracking/and true firmware detection (from cold boot).
(Not optional if you want a stable experience: why wouldn't you?!)
+ X-Project will auto scroll to cache icon if it detects that its not been cached.
+ Added Trophy notifications! A light weight framework to display a notification.
(on first boot and when cached you will hear the notification sound, after this you wont as you cannot cache sounds)
+ Added personalization: enter a username, and your ftp ip address!
(Will now say "WELCOME BACK: DEFAULTDNB" and "CHOOSE A PAYLOAD DEFAULTDNB". Gets reset when browser data is deleted)
+ UI colours are customizable on PC through X-PROJECT 1.5.5/CSS/CUSTOM.CSS file.
(Open it up with any text editor and modify with ease)
+ New unicode icons (used to contain 250~ usable, now 900+ usable)
+ Improved button icons for GTA payloads and quick launchers (icon.css)
+ Added notifications to linux and mira payloads as they didn't has notifications to indicate state.
+ Quick, Cache and Debug icons are now colour to make them simpler to find.
+ Added details page: Fakers plastered their names all over our work, we do it subtly ;)
+ Updated a few companion PC tools.
+ Updated payloads to latest
+ Added new payloads:
4 new Linux loaders (Tested and verified by @Leeful), avatar dumper/injector, hen 1.7 and hen 1.6 (user requests), webrte, orbisdbg, hen+VR+mira payload for quick testing and debugging PSVR-brew ;)
+ Updated credits page.
+ New default wallpaper
~ Renamed & reorganised payloads (mainly HEN payloads)
~ Moved mira and binloader payloads to the SYSTEM column.
- Removed Test loader, now load test payloads directly through content iframe instead of a new page.
- Removed Testkit payloads (didn't work)

1.5.5 Change log (ESP Edition):

- removed Mira+hen1.8+VR payload.
- removed a few extraneous Mira+hen payloads.
- removed usb cache and applicationcache payloads.
+ under the hood fixes.


+ Material styled "XMB" design
+ D-Pad navigation (as requested)
+ MP4 player: full featured player, where you can load and play films across network!
+ All Payloads up to date as of today (14/02/2018)!
+ Distinct app group categories: HEN/LINUX/CHEATS, etc.
+ Page within page loaders where possible by @Leeful.
+ Customizable wallpaper (place wallpaper.jpg on root).
+ Firmware and spoof detection.
+ Separate USB PC FILES: all the apps you need PC-side, and all the root hdd configs and db files required by various payloads.
+ Caching from offlinexmb.cache file (NOTE: cache speed depends on the connection between the PS4 and the host)
+ Stringently tried and tested by @Leeful and myself for stability and ease of use.


  • Left Stick: Mouse
  • Left Stick click: Zoom out (Browser function not X-Project)
  • Right Stick: Scroll
  • Right Stick Click: Zoom in (Browser function not X-Project)
  • PS button: Minimize browser.
  • D-Pad Up: Scroll Up
  • D-Pad Down: Scroll Down
  • D-Pad Left: Scroll Left
  • D-Pad Right: Scroll Right
  • X: Select Payload
  • Square: Full screen
  • Circle: Back
  • Triangle: Browser Search (Browser function not X-Project)
  • L1: Load HEN 1.8 + VR (9.00 spoofed)
  • R1: Load FTP Server with Full R/W access
  • L2: Previous Tab (Browser function not X-Project)
  • R2: Open New Tab (Browser function not X-Project)
  • As of 1.5.5 X-Project now comes with @Leeful's Exploit Host Server.exe:
  • Connect your PS4 and PC to the same network (using update blocker and alazifs DNS to protect from updates), run "Exploit Host Server.exe" from the same location as the X-Projects index.html, copy the address exactly as it shows (case sensitive and needs index.html on the end to cache successfully) into the PS4 browser (example:, and away you go!
Alternate hosting methods are linked here.

The USB folder contains config files for the payloads, and applications for use on PC.

Flash the ESP version with NodeMCU PyFlasher:

X-Project it is live hosted and cache-able from here:


The official X-Project android host: (Thank you @stooged)


  • Self hosting must be entered entirely relative, and must include the index.html at the end of the address:
  • Some payloads occasionally have to spit out an OOM error , its just how it is. PS button out, go back into browser, and try again.
  • Once any payload is loaded, you must hit the PS button to close the browser, then you can reopen X-Project main page to load the next payload.
  • If you get excessive OOM errors, restart your console, then once at XMB restart it again, to clear the memory.
  • If you get any kernel panic crash, reboot your console, then once at XMB: restart the console again, to avoid another crash when loading the next payload.
  • Run the MakeCache.bat to make a fresh cache manifest if you edit or add any files.

How do I put this on my ESP:

  • ON PS4: Go to Settings > Network > Custom > WIFI-SSID = X-Project Host > Pass: 12345678 > IP: Auto > DHCP: Do Not Specify > DNS: Auto > MTU: Auto > Proxy: Do Not Use > Press O (no need to test connection).
  • CACHING: Cache it in USERGUIDE or WEB BROWSER or BOTH if you want to use in both: takes under 30 seconds!
This release has it's own built in FTP server so that you can modify files on the ESP8266 device. The ESP8266 FTP settings are:


Connection to the ESP8266 FTP server needs to be passive, maximum 1 connection and and encryption disabled. You can also go to to edit more settings.
There are too many payloads: Remove the ones you don't want from index.js, and from the payloads folder (rebuild the .cache too).

I cant load a second payload: Press PS button, and re-enter the web browser between each payload, unless its an AIO where it will load 2 in a row for you. Then press the PS button when loaded. This is a known problem with the web browsers limitations.

I get KP (Kernel Panic): Re-start the console after its crashed by using the power button, when its back to the main UI you should reboot your console, then start again from there.

I get OOM errors: If you get more than 3 there is an issue, hold O to close every open tab, PS button back out the browser, reboot, then start from cold boot.

The system lags: this only happens after chain-loaded payloads (HEN+GTA) have been successfully run. You can optionally run HEN and then the GTA menu of choice separately to avoid the lag.

Caching takes so long: It's because you're caching every payload of the X-Project: it will take a few mins! You can always remove payloads from the index.js, and edit the cache down to just what you need.

It's not perfect: Please contribute! Rewrite any parts that can be optimized or adapted and DM or @ mention me to update the main project! I wont be offended, in fact: I want it to be community driven!

I don't like the music: .. doesn't matter now since I removed the intro page :p

If you think somethings missing: please @ mention me and let me know, I will add it in the next update or hot fix!

  • fenwick67 XMB based on his
  • Leeful who is an absolutely legendary contributor, tester and coder. :)
If you would like to collaborate, or use X-Project, please remember to credit the authors, and don't past your name all over it...

PS4 Fan Control with X-Project + New PS4 Homebrew File Manager
X-Project Updates for PS4 5.05 by DefaultDNB (KiiWii) and Leeful.jpg


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