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Proceeding his Ghost of Tsushima Mini Games Homebrew PS4 PKG, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Lapy released via Twitter an XBeat Prototype 1.00 PS4 PKG including an XBeat Maker 1.00 application (pictured below) followed by an XBeat Prototype 1.01 PS4 PKG, for use in conjunction with PS4-Xplorer 2.0. :music:

Download: (64 MB - includes XBeat Prototype 1.01 - Lapy.pkg, XBeat Maker 1.01.rar with XBeat Maker.exe, City Ruin remix _ Nier Automata.xbeat, Demo.xbeat and Human.xbeat) / LapyGames PayPal <3

Spoiler: Depreciated

From the Tweets below: XBeat Prototype 1.00 PS4

Remember this is only a prototype to see if you like the idea for a game, only will work if the community make the songs.
  • I include the tool and 2 demos.
  • To install the xbeats, just select and touch X with Xplorer 2.0
You need install and open the XBeat Prototype one time to create the needed folder before install xbeats using the PS4-Xplorer 2.0

XBeat Prototype PS4 Changelog

  • Initial Release
  • changed the Tittle Id.
  • fixed some bugs with colliders.
  • fixed the XBeat Maker region.
  • added a new xbeats demo by Anubis_Qz (y) (super hard :coldsweat:)
XBeat Prototype 1.00 PS4 PKG & XBeat Maker App by LapyGames.png


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