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Similar to Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) Service Status Page, Microsoft also has an official Xbox Live Service Status Page for details on related features and functionality... but according to reports recent network outages have plagued Xbox Digital Rights Management (DRM) resulting in end-users unable to access digital single player games on their 'home' console among the offline issues.

This comes proceeding the Godfall PS5 DRM Concerns, PlayStation 5 Denuvo Anti-Cheat Tech announcement, Microsoft's Xbox Series X DRM Issues, GT7 Internet Connection Requirement for Single Player Mode and Gran Turismo 7 PS4 / PS5 Patch Issues Update. 🐞

To quote from DoesItPlay1 via the embedded Tweets below on the adverse affects of these intermittent outages for Xbox gamers:

"Correction needed, This IS a Xbox issue. Activision has DRM “check in” on a offline single player game (outside of Xbox) meanwhile a majority portion of Xbox titles have DRM check in. They absolutely do not have them on PlayStation or SW. Trust us we’ve tested them.

If the PlayStation servers go down tomorrow permanently, every single player game you own will work offline almost permanently (provided console is working and account was linked). There are a tiny subset of titles that will not.

This same principle applies to a PlayStation without a CMOS battery or any form of connectivity. Again, we have rigorously tested numerous titles across all platforms to form the basis of our conclusive tests.

PlayStation and switch don’t have this issue."

Cheers to for the heads-up on this news. 🍻
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It's all so damn ridiculous. Just let a person buy a game and be able to play that game whenever. It's not hard. Any single player/offline game needing an internet check-in or any other BS shouldn't even be given a platform. The sh!t we allow as consumers has gone too far.

Everyone b!tched about DLC but ultimately bought it.
Everyone b!tched about loot boxes but ultimately enough people bought them to make it viable.
Everyone b!tched about games being released in buggy, pre-beta condition but then still buy the games.
Now these companies tell you when and how you can play the game you bought, needing to ask them to fix the issue when a bug on their end renders your entire library unplayable lol.

STOP SUPPORTING IT. For one generation, just don't buy the new device until they remove this BS. It's why I haven't even looked at getting a PS5. Too much BS I will not agree with attached to the machine and games for it and that's not even a drop in the bucket compared to Microsoft and Xbox. A Xbox One/S/X won't even let you play on a guest account out of the box so internet access is basically mandatory to even play an Xbox. It's insane. Force them to change it by no longer buying their sh!t.
Agree with you.
Never bought a DLC, skipping this new gen on purpose.
Buying digital version of indie games that you can't find on retail disc, otherwise physical copy all the time.
If you have a look at prices, digital version is same price if not more expensive when title gets old.