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Following PS3 System Software 4.81 and their previous update, today Greek PlayStation 3 developers ErMaK86 (@ermak) and @Echo6Vi updated to XMB Lock 2.04 followed by v2.05 and v2.05+ supporting 4.82 for PS3 CFW users seeking to lock and secure their console's XrossMediaBar (XMB).

Download: XMBLOCK_v2.04.pkg (58.4 MB) / XMBLOCK_v2.05[4.82].pkg (64.1 MB) / XMBLOCK _v2.05+.pkg (64.1 MB)

Below is a rough translation from their Blog, to quote: Greeks return ... XMBLock 2.04 from Ermak86

Another upgrade to version v2.04 XMBLock by our Ermak86, which adds the new Custom Firmware 4.81. With this PKG now you can lock the system update the system settings and network settings for security reasons to not change a setting that should not even if someone presses format from the system settings.

Stay at with more to come... and from their Blog update on the version 2.05 changes, roughly translated: XMBLock v2.05

Another upgrade to XMBLock v2.05, to which was added the new Firmware 4.82. With the current PKG you can lock the settings for security reasons so as not to change any setting you do not have!

Changelog v2.05
  • Added 4.82 CFW support
Changelog v2.05+
  • Includes "locked security settings category" via bitsbubba
XMBLock v2.04.jpg


For those following, I've updated the OP with XMBLock v2.05 followed by XMB Lock v2.05+ which as expected includes 4.82 support. :)
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