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Many moons ago we saw the Xploder PS3 Cheats System for unmodded consoles, and now following the recent PS4 Save Wizard news and Code Freak Cyber PS4 Save Editor the Xploder PS4 Cheats System is on the way and also resigns PlayStation 4 game saves. :LOL:

After seeing the $25.25 pre-order price tag here's to hoping a cracked / hacked / free / homebrew version surfaces once it gets in the hands of sceners and reverse-engineered, but until then here's what their Product Page states, to quote:

Xploder PS4 Cheats System

Highlights: Xploder is the ONLY PS4 cheat software in the world - With our exclusive "re-signing" technology you can instantly use any other ps4 save as your own.

Xploder is the ONLY PS4 cheat software in the world - With our exclusive "re-signing" technology you can instantly use any other PS4 save as your own.

Hunting around for cheats online can be tricky involving risky flashing or chipping of your console and carries high risk of damage, invalid warranties or getting your profile barred from PSN! No more risk taking, let Xploder do the hard work for you.

No other product, service or method offers this ability. It is exclusive to Xploder and another Xploder first.
  • Works with the all the latest games, even games that profile lock their saves!
  • Works with the latest PS4 firmwares without "jailbraking" or "modding"
  • Assigns any save to your chosen PS4 profile.
What is a Game Save?

A game save is a save point that has been uploaded by the Xploder team or a member of our extensive community. By downloading this save and using our exclusive technology, you can then use this save on your own PS4! Stuck on a level? Download a save point from later in the game! Want to see the ending? Download a save point from the end of a game!

Xploder is for everyone - all gamers need a little help some time.

Xploder is a system that allows any gamer to effortlessly obtain and use gamesaves on their consoles so they can unlock levels and stages, unlock secret/hard to find content, gain extra money, etc to play the whole game! Xploder enables you to access the managed online database and website which is regularly updated with new content. You can even back-up all your saved games to your PC to free up memory on your console.
Thanks to @HydrogenNGU for the Xploder PS4 Cheats System news tip on Twitter! :)
Xploder PS4 Cheats System Incoming, Resigns PlayStation 4 Saves.jpg



My question is yea sure it's a "cheat system" that edits gamesaves to skip and use other saves.

But does it mod and alter the game itself aswell?

Infinite ammo, rapid fire, super jumps, go through walls, infinite health etc.


hello everyone the day has finally come that xploder is officially out and you can now access the online storage and cheat database and complete email verification

here is their official email for anyone curious without the header because of my name being there all it says was hi anyway XD


there you go
Spoofayy :)