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Following his DiscDump 50X Payload and the last PS4 X-Project Self Host update, today PlayStation 4 developer @stooged made available xPloitServer on Github which is an Android Web server with X-Project 1.5.2 by @DEFAULTDNB with help from @Leeful built in. (y)

Download: stooged.xploitserver.apk / / GIT

From the, to quote: xPloitServer

A persistent Android Webserver for Xproject

Cheers to @DEFAULTDNB for the heads-up on this news via Twitter! :beer:
xPloitServer Persistant Android Webserver for X-Project by Stooged.jpg


Great I definitively will test it, because I put my ps4 in another room without PC, so I'll host everything via mobile phone :tup:

Update: tested it and for my personal demand it is the most easy way to host the exploit, thanks a lot for sharing.

Question: is there also a tool for Android is available to send cheat codes to the PS4? Or is this only available for windows driven devices?
This is 1.5.2 which is purely for 5.05 devices.

For ftp and cheats etc you can run payload and then connect to another IP with your cheat tools connected.

Next version of x-project will have a http windows host and more features :)

And yes it can be cached, in fact it's recommended!
In Germany it's still very easy to get a used one, sometimes even unused bundles for same price like in shops in the past (Starting with 200€ for Fat or 250€ for a slim), it's only hard to find a pro.
But I guess it's not interesting / trustful for you to check if somebody is willing to ship it to the USA ;)
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