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Following the Orbis MSX Super Laydock: Mission Striker homebrew PKG build compile, on this Memorial Day PlayStation 4 developer @Markus95 (Twitter) made available a Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator PS4 PKG port for jailbroken PS4 5.05 consoles from a yabause.self by Znullptr (Patreon) with a demonstration video from @hyndrid's YouTube Channel below! :love:

Download: yabause.pkg (8 MB) / (8.5 MB - includes required saturn.bin BIOS file)

To quote from @cedsaill4 via Twitter, roughly translated:

You have to install the Saturn BIOS via FTP in data/yabause/ and rename it saturn.bin

Yabause PS4 5.05 Myst Sega Saturn
Yabause (Sega Saturn) Emulator for PS4 via MasterTurkey
/user/appmeta/PPPP00002 = file location!!

Installing Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator PS4 PKG Port by Markus95 via Tech Exploit
Yabause Sega Saturn Emulator PS4 PKG Port by Markus95.jpg



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hopefully this one works decent ...because Sega Saturn emu's on consoles.... arrrgh its not been good. Got my fingers crossed.


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sweet jesus !!

ok now to dust off my ps4 and d/l some saturn roms to play .. daytona usa here I come.

thank you to those keeping the ps4 scene alive

will this work on hen v1.7 ? or have to use v1.8 ?

going by the videos online the frame rate is very low .. perhaps will wait until they work on the bugs.
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