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YouTube Channel Submission!

YouTube Channels of PSXHAX Community & Forum Members.jpg

So many of you guys have your own YouTube Channels that you use on a daily basis to watch / like and share videos, while others record and upload their own footage on YouTube whether it's game-play, modding how-to's and more.

I thought it be a great idea if users want to post / share their own YouTube Channels below. :)

Submit your Channels below :D


This is actually a GREAT idea @Bultra. (y)

I thought about making a list of the YouTubers who we often post videos in the news from, but having a compilation of those plus the channels from members would be a handy all-in-one resource. <3

I'm adding this thread to my to-do list, so when I get some free time (possibly Sunday night) I'll update the chart in the OP adding those I know and we'll go from there!
As planned, I've now updated the OP and mainpaged this so others can share their YouTube Channels with everyone.

I'll add any new ones to the table as time permits! :D
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