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Earlier this month developer @KIWIDOGGIE revealed on Twitter that unlike PS4 the PS5 utilizes (3) stages of security: Webkit (Userland), Kernel level and some additional memory (Hypervisor codenamed Hylonome / VM) protections... while over the weekend developer @zezu420 (aka Znullptr on Twitter) confirmed, "there are going to be more levels of 'jailbreak' for PS5 than for PS4" stating that, "others are working on it as well and maybe there will be disclosure 'soon'." :love:

Since the PS5 Root Keys Were Obtained privately, a PS5 4.03 Kernel Build String alongside PS5 Webkit Execution: 4.03 ROP Userland Exploitation was publicly released in the PlayStation 5 Scene with developer Znullptr noting, "That is the firmware I tested the exploit on, others are vulnerable" referring to 4.03 PS5 OFW (3.20 now included also) as Sony just pushed live 5.00 PS5 OFW last week. :unsure:

Security Engineer @CTurt also dropped some unspecific hints via Twitter in recent months pertaining to his HackerOne PlayStation Bounties, with the related Tweets included HERE for those who missed them. :ninja:

In addition to adding PS5 support to a PS4 emulator called PSUV (additional projects at, speaking on PS4 exploits, the ETA WEN crowd and related frustrations developer Znullptr makes a valid point stating, "everyone is still all about 9.03 even tho 9.00 was just released covering 99% of machines in existence" referring to the pOOBs4 Jailbreak Exploit that hit the PlayStation 4 Scene only a few months ago. o_O

<3 Being tired of contracting and bounties, Znullptr (aka dmiller423 on Github) is currently seeking donations for hardware and further testing... those interested in lending a hand can do so directly to David Miller via:
Below are the related Tweets, and always verify the information matches prior to donating in order to avoid potential scammers:

Spoiler: Related Tweets
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I made a big donation last year on December, I don't mind to donate again and I hope a PS5 firmware 4.03 or lower releases soon. PS4 jailbreak beyond 9.00 is not important at the moment. Thank You for the good work!
What's the deal with the recent 9.03 and 9.04 game update backports?

Were passcodes leaked for 8 different official packages or there's a 9.04 kex in private?
Donate to support this man's work.

He is one of the few that still will give updates to the people and he doesn't have to... but I can understand why most go quiet for months because people will hound him and other devs to death, usually some snot nose kid or someone who feels like they deserve something for free.

Then when the devs returns with something people complain that they only came back for the recognition.

Why would anyone want to support a scene as toxic as that?
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