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  1. Abzu on PS4 Comes to New PlayStation Games for Week of August 2nd

    If you're a fan of PlayStation games such as Flower or Journey, then you'll definitely want to check out Abzu on PS4 this week which offers free-flowing gameplay while exploring the beauty of the ocean! :cool: A PlayStation 4 trailer video of Abzu is below along with the rest of what's coming...
  2. Four Fresh Titles Kick Off PS Store PLAY 2016 Game Lineup

    Today Andy Yen unveiled that Headlander, ABZÛ, [email protected], and Bound are kicking off the PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 game lineup! :) Below are the pre-order details and a PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 Lineup Trailer video! Launch Date Title Plus Pre-order Price Regular Price Pre-order Theme...