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This weekend a WebKit: Use-after-free of RenderMathMLToken in CSSCrossfadeValue::crossfadeChanged vulnerability via Project Zero was reported to scene developers and found to be working on PS5 1.00-6.50 Firmware and PS4 8.00-10.01 Firmware with @zecoxao on Twitter stating, "I think the almighty sleirsgoevy will work on the webkit meme. stay tuned!" 🤩
PlayStation scener @oneman123 also states on Twitter, "btw disclosed Thu, Jan 12, 2023, 6:01 PM GMT+1 , I have retweeted this cause it works on my 2.00 btw private xploit poc exist :)"

Proceeding @sleirsgoevy's Reimplementation of PS5 BD-JB & App0 Listing and Prosper0GDB PS5 Debugger, the PlayStation 5 Scene awaits further progress in the ongoing quest for a full public PS5 Jailbreak (Status) supporting PS5 Game / File Dumps (Guide / PS5 Game Dumper) since Fail0verflow Obtained the PS5 Root Keys privately back in 2021.

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PS5 1.00-6.50 Firmware & PS4 8.00-10.01 Firmware WebKit Vulnerability.jpg


It's a good news.

I'm still on 4,03 and I'm thinking of going to 4.50 so I can play hfw as ps5 version and not the ps4 like now.

What do you think should I stay on 4.03 or can I go higher because we have webkit on 4.50 too... for so looong now.
@Sschraube stay on 4.03 man, i made the same mistake of updating my ps5 from factory 1.xx to 4.03 just so i could play ps4 elden ring on it, boom there came the news that there's a rumored HV exploit in private for 2.50, moral of the story is stay on as low fw as you can TILL the FULL JAILBREAK is officially released.
It seems having my 5.10 PS5 patiently waiting in its box might pay off after all (y) My 9.00 PS4 works perfectly with the current WebKit exploit + GoldHEN.

What sort of advantages would a fully-working 10.01 jailbreak have over 9.00 besides being able to play newer games without needing a backport?

Thanks for all your hard work scene people!
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