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If you're seeking a Blue Verified Badge that unlocks the private PKG areas, follow this guide before making a post or reply below:
:arrow: Note: As outlined in the Usergroup Promotions listing, you must be a Member or above to reply to threads in the Random Stuff section which includes this topic!

:alert: In order to become a Member you must:
  • Be registered on PSXHAX for a minimum of 3 days
  • Have made a comment to one of the main page articles in the PS4 or PS5 categories
:idea: How to request your Blue Verified Badge on PSXHAX.COM?

Post a reply below saying "verify me please" and wait up to 24 hours for a Staff Member to review the request and issue your badge.

⚠️ Warning: Asking to be verified in ANY other forum thread besides THIS topic will result in an immediate and permanent ban on the forum as it's considered SPAM elsewhere!

⚠️ Warning 2: Posting or replying below for ANY reason other than requesting a Verified badge will result in an immediate and permanent ban on the forum for not following simple instructions and wasting everyone's time!
Verifications are back open, be sure to re-read the OP for 3 words to write below to get Verified. ;)

:alert: Update: Already banned several that can't follow simple instructions... read BOTH warnings above (especially the first one) very carefully before posting anything anywhere.