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PS5 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jul 20, 2022 at 10:25 AM       20      
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In PS5Scene news today, since the previous PS5 BD-JB Reimplementation & App0 Listing developer TheOfficialFloW announced on Twitter that he decided to publish his BD-JB Source Code following the 2022-Hardwear-io-BD-JB.pdf as the scene managed to escape the BD-J Java Sandbox on PlayStation 5. :geek:

Download: / GIT / bd-jb-ps5.iso (4.0 MB - Added code for truly arbitrary function call. The PoC now lists /, which is not possible from Java.) via sleirsgoevy

Below are some related articles and Tweets alongside details from the
To quote: bd-jb

The first bd-j hack.


bd-j tools from
I modified my ps5 interface With the file Sce.PlayStation.PUI_UI3.rco It's beautiful :love:
★ Games ★
★ Debug Menu ★
Thanks to my friend Master
Here are all the tools To make the change, you must have system_ex permission:
Modify it to 9020 and load it, it will crash, so keep the source code as it is, port 1337 😌
PS5 BD-JB Exploit First BD-J Hack Source Code by TheOfficialFloW.jpg


Im not technical :censored: but how does this developers help? Is there new information that can help them in the right direction for a JB?
I don’t want to be one of them that ask, but I feel I have to as some stuff a little confusing.

What highest PS5 firmware will this bd-jb work on? I see 5.60 was released making me wonder if 5.50 is vulnerable?
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